LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Lindsey Downs vlogs as a teen on YouTube

Love After Lockup Lindsey Downs YouTube channel as a teen

Back before Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Lindsey Downs was a big time drug dealer leading police on high speed chases, she was a single teen mom with an associate’s degree working multiple jobs and trying to get her bachelor’s degree in teaching. In addition to all of that, Lindsey was also a YouTuber!

Lindsey’ channel was under the name “ThePinkLadyLD,” which I assume is short for The Pink Lady Lindsey Downs. All of the videos still available to watch were uploaded in 2012, when Lindsey was 19 years old. Her daughter, Miley Grace, was three at the time.

There are only nine videos on Lindsey’s old channel, and four of those are just clips of folks riding four wheelers or poppin’ wheelies. However, there are a few videos that fans of Life After Lockup will surely get a kick out of!

I will start with Lindsey’s thoughts on working as a cashier at a local grocery store. 19-year-old Lindsey is blonde with pigtails in the nearly five-minute clip, that looks to have been recorded in her bedroom.

I was kind of startled to see that Lindsey’s video has more than 28,000 views! I will point out that the most recent comment is from 3 years ago (at the time of this post), so those views do not appear to be due to Lindsey’s appearance on Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup. Perhaps if Lindsey had stuck with YouTube she could have avoided the whole “Mississippi Meth Mafia Mom” career path?

Life After Lockup teenage Lindsey Downs on YouTube

The next video from teen Lindsey is titled “Getting Started!” and features Lindsey in her daughter’s room promising lots more vlogs to come. Unfortunately for posterity, and potentially Lindsey’s career decision-making, she didn’t follow through on her content quantity promise.

Lindsey basically only uploaded one vlog after her commitment to post one a week. The clip is just under four minutes and features Lindsey preaching the Hunger Games gospel, especially in regards to the books being compared to Twilight. It looks to have been recorded in a college dorm room.

The last video is a trailer for When Zombies Attack, which doesn’t actually feature Lindsey. However, the end of the trailer credits Lindsey as the creator and editor (and pretty much everything else).

Lindsey’s foray into the world of vlogging got a mention in the Northeast Mississippi Community College newspaper The Beacon in October of 2012. The article didn’t share any additional info about Lindsey or her channel, it just name dropped her as one of many students posting videos “about the events in their lives.”

Lindsey Downs job history

Lindsey Downs vlogging about being a grocery store cashier may have you curious about what other jobs (besides drug dealer and reality show star) Lindsey has worked in the past.

I can help satiate your curiosity thanks to the court transcript from when Lindsey pleaded guilty to meth possession with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm during the commission of a drug trafficking crime in August of 2016 — four years after she uploaded her YouTube videos.

JUDGE: Ms. Downs, there are a number of questions that I must ask you; and the first series of questions will go to the fact that you’re waiving indictment by a grand jury and agreeing to plead to an information.

LINDSEY: Yes, sir.

JUDGE: You’re real nervous, aren’t you?

LINDSEY: A little bit.

JUDGE: How old are you?

LINDSEY: Twenty-three.

JUDGE: Well, it’s a shame you’re in the predicament you’re in. I tell you, if you’ll raise your right hand and be sworn, please, ma’am.


JUDGE: Give me your full name.

LINDSEY: Lindsey ***** Downs.

JUDGE: And your age?

LINDSEY: Twenty-three.

JUDGE: How much education do you have?

LINDSEY: I have an associate’s from Northeast Community College, and I’ve started on my bachelor’s at Ole Miss. I haven’t gotten it yet, though.

JUDGE: How much time — how many semester hours do you have at Ole Miss ?

LINDSEY: I think I have one semester left; and then I have to do my student teaching, a semester. And I was going to have my bachelor’s. I still had to pass my Praxis too.

JUDGE: Do you have any employment experience? Have you worked anywhere?

LINDSEY: Yes, sir.

JUDGE: While you were in school?

LINDSEY: Yes, sir. I worked at Region IV Mental Health Care for a year, and Shining Star Gymnastics and Kroger, all at the same time, while I went to Northeast. And I’ve worked —

JUDGE: Where were these stores; what town were they located in?

LINDSEY: Corinth, Mississippi.

JUDGE: Corinth?

LINDSEY: Yes, sir.

JUDGE: Is that where you went to high school?

LINDSEY: No. I went to high school at Walnut, Mississippi. I worked at a grocery store there and a library when I was in high school.

JUDGE: Library and the grocery store in Walnut. And then you worked, also, at a grocery store in Corinth?

LINDSEY: Yes, sir.

JUDGE: For the life of me, I don’t understand why you’re before me.

LINDSEY: Bad decisions.

JUDGE: That’s for sure. Yeah. It’s a shame.

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