LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Does Sara leave Shawn for Anthony? SPOILER

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Sara Anthony Shawn spoilers

Life After Lockup couple Sara and Shawn Osborne appear to be having some serious relationship issues after the birth of their first child together. Sara believes Shawn is not stepping up as a father, and also believes he may have lost interest in her sexually — as evidenced by his aversion to trying out the couple’s new sex swing.

Sara isn’t about to sit around doubting her self-worth, so she reaches out to her ex, Anthony, who also happens to be the father of her daughter, Abby. In a preview clip for tonight’s episode, Sara gives Anthony a video call and confirms that she is now married to Shawn.

Anthony tells Sara that he is jealous of Shawn, and Sara asks him why. “He’s got you. I don’t,” Anthony answers.

“This is the thing about that, though,” Sara replies. “We never broke up, you know? Like, our relationship basically got ended by, like, I went to prison, you went to prison. Like, you left me hanging! To the point where I moved on. I’m married at this point.”

Anthony says he doesn’t care about what happened between them in the past, and tells Sara he has a “strong feeling” that she and Shawn won’t last. The pessimistic marriage prediction is in stark contraast to how Anthony feels about his own future with Sara. “I was there before him, and I’m damn sure gonna be there after him,” he says. “In all reality, I wanted you, I wanted our daughter, I wanted the family that I thought I was going to have.”

Sara seems very pleased by Anthony’s admission.

Does Sara leave Shawn for Anthony?

Sara appears smitten by Anthony on screen, and it seems like the couple are on their way to a sex swingin’ happily ever after Shawn! But, does Sara leave Shawn for Anthony?

The answer to part of that question appears to be “no.” Sara may end up leaving Shawn, but based on Anthony’s social media, it wasn’t to be with Abby’s dad.

Anthony changed his Facebook status to “in a relationship” back in June of 2022, but he didn’t indicate with whom. A woman named Bethany changed her Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship with Anthony” in July of 2022.

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Sara Osborne's ex  Anthony in a relationship on Facebook

Based on their recent posts, Anthony and Bethany are still together and happy. It appears as though Bethany has two daughters that are both older than Abby.

I should note that Anthony’s cover photo on Facebook is a montage of Abby photos posted in June of 2022. I’m not sure when Sara and Shawn filmed for the current season of Life After Lockup. Perhaps there was a narrow window in June when they rekindled their romance?

Sara’s ex Anthony’s arrest history

Word On The Street Reality was the first to share information about Anthony’s criminal history.

Anthony’s most serious offenses look to be felony heroin and cocaine trafficking charges from June of 2014. That is just a few months before Sara caught her involuntary manslaughter charge after injecting heroin into a man who later died.

In addition to the heroin trafficking charge, Anthony has also been charged with the following, according to online Ohio court records:

  • 01/13/2008 Misdemeanor Possession of Drugs/ Marijuana – Dismissed
  • 07/31/2010 Open container – Guilty
  • 06/12/2014 Felony Trafficking in Heroin, Felony Trafficking in Cocaine – Guilty
  • 11/06/2014 Felony Burglary – Guilty
  • 05/02/2018 Misdemeanor Theft – Guilty to reduced charge
  • 12/11/2020 Misdemeanor Obstructing Official Business – Guilty
  • 03/11/2021 Felony Complicity to Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle – Guilty of Lesser Offense (Misdemeanor Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle)
  • 01/27/2022 Felony Receiving Stolen Property – Dismissed

As Word On The Street reported, Anthony ran into some legal issues in December of 2020 due to unpaid child support. It’s unclear if the unpaid child support was for Abby or if it has been resolved.

In addition to his unpaid child support issues, court records indicate that Anthony owes thousands of dollars in unpaid court fees and fines. That might normally dissuade someone from entering into a relationship, but Sara’s husband Shawn has his fair share of financial issues as well — including a history of evictions, bankruptcy, and garnished wages. Not to mention the fact that he had six children before he even met Sara!

Oh, and the towing company that Shawn worked for while living in Arizona won a default judgment for $9,950 plus interest against him back in February of 2020. It’s unclear if Shawn has managed to pay that off yet.

To see how the Sara, Shawn and Anthony love triangle plays out, be sure to keep tuning in for new episodes of Life After Lockup airing Friday nights at 10/9c on WE tv!

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