LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Daonte’s ex Nicolle arrested for drug possession

Love After Lockup Daonte's ex Nicolle Bradley arrested for drug possession

We have an unfortunate update for fans of Love After Lockup and Life after Lockup. Daonte Sierra’s ex Nicolle Bradley was arrested in Virginia this week for drug possession.

According to jail records, Nicolle was arrested in Newport News just after midnight on Tuesday. She was booked on a charge of possession of a Schedule I or Schedule II controlled substance.

“Possession of a Schedule I or Schedule II drug is a Class 5 felony” in Virginia, according to “The penalties for a Class 5 felony possession conviction can include up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $2,500.”

Nicolle posed for a mug shot photo with brunette hair that appears to be a wig. The 26-year-old reality star bonded out earlier today.

Nicolle has been mostly absent from social media since her reported split from wife, Tia Simmons, late last year.

However, Nicolle returned to Instagram on April 2 with a photo of a Nissan Altima that she had recently purchased. In the caption, she assured her followers she was spending her time “stacking my money, cleaning myself up, and stayinnn the hell out the way.”

Here is Nicolle’s full caption:

I have been drooling over this bad boy for the last 2 months… Soooooo I finally went ahead and made that purchase.💪🏼

For everyone asking where I’ve been.. you see it. Stacking my money, cleaning myself up, and stayinnn the hell out the way.😅😂 annnnnd I’ve never been more proud of myself. 😊 stay tuned if you want to see the other changes I’ve made in my life since the last update. BIG surprises coming your way America.🙈🤫😉

#feelingaccomplished 💪🏼#happyearlybirthdaytome 🎉 #puttingmyselffirst #feelinghappy #feelingblessed 😇 #stepintherightdirection #growingup #blessed 🙏🏼

In November, Nicolle shared a post on social media that seemed to indicate she was working at a strip club.

Nicolle has yet to post publicly on social media since being arrested and bonding out.

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