LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Chance shaves head, gets wing tattoos

Life After Lockup Chance shaved head tattoos

Instead of shaving expenses, Life After Lockup star Chance Pitt has shaved his head! The sides of it anyway. And the convicted bank robber has already covered the valuable real estate with new tattoos.

Chance revealed his new ‘do and skull murals on Instagram. you can see in the screen caps from his stories that he now has large wings tattooed on either side of his head, which is now topped off by a wide mohawk. The wings incorporate a couple arms, a figure, and fingers.

I will zoom in and highlight them for you:

Love After Lockup Chance Pitt head tattoo highlight

It’s unclear what is on the back of Chance’s head where the wings meet.

What is Tayler’s chest tattoo?

While we’re on the topic of Life After Lockup tattoos, I’ve seen a lot of questions from viewers curious about Tayler’s rather elaborate chest tattoo. The most often asked question is fairly simple and direct: What is it?

I tried to find a clear photo or screen grab of Tayler’s chest tattoo, but was unsuccessful. Here are a couple of the best shots I could find:

Life After Lockup Tayler chest tattoo
Love After Lockup chest tattoo

It appears to be a bluebird and… I have no idea.

However, it is pretty clear what her chest tattoo used to be. Here’s a throwback photo of Tayler with just her original chest tattoo, which is a swallow, a ribbon with something written on it, and a bouquet of flowers:

Tayler tattoo Love After Lockup

It’s unclear if Tayler is attempting to cover up the original tattoo.

If Tayler and/or Chance offer up any more details about their tattoos to clarify I’ll be sure to update the post.

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