LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Was Andrea’s husband Lamar Jackson arrested again?

Love After Lockup Andrea's husband Lamar arrested again?

Love After Lockup Season 1 inmate Lamar Jackson appears to be back behind bars, according to his wife Andrea.

Andrea broke the news of her husband’s apparent arrest on Instagram early Saturday. She posted text graphics in her feed and stories that simply read: “I Am … A Prison Wife Again!!!”

Andrea tagged Lamar in the image and captioned it by writing: “This Life is not for the weak …”

The post was Andrea’s first Instagram post in more than two years. She responded to a few comments, but unfortunately did not share any additional information. One commenter wrote: “You got this Fam,” along with a praying hands emoji.

“❤️ This Is Not For The Weak,” Andrea responded. “I wouldn’t wish this on my enemy.”

California jail records indicate that someone with Lamar’s name (his first name isn’t actually Lamar) and age was arrested on February 28.

There is a court case for someone of the same name that had a sentencing on February 28. That case was for a charge of a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. The sentence was “16 months in any state prison.” I CANNOT CONFIRM THIS IS LAMAR FROM LOVE AFTER LOCKUP, but all of the information (name, age, height, weight) seems to line up.

Love After Lockup Andrea and Lamar

Lamar Jackson previously arrested

This wouldn’t be the first time that Lamar found himself back behind bars. During a Love After Lockup Season 1 “Where Are They Now?” special, Andrea revealed that her husband was arrested after hanging out with the wrong people.

“You know, when you’re on parole or probation you have to be perfect,” Andrea explained to her friends on the special. “[Lamar] was hanging out on the wrong side of town with the wrong people, and he got locked back up.”

Andrea continued and revealed more details. “He went somewhere with a friend, like one of his old ‘gang homies,’ and the friend he was with had a gun on him. And the friend he was with was on probation as well. And there was a stripper in the back seat.”

At the end of the special, WE tv shared an update. “To date, Lamar has served five months for parole violation.”

Prior to being released and marrying Andrea, Lamar was serving 18 years for robbery with a deadly weapon. That is one of the longest prison sentences of any inmate featured on Love After Lockup.

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