LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Michael Simmons arrested, charged with 2 felonies

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Michael Simmons arrest 2023

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Michael Simmons seemed to be staying out of legal trouble after his July, 2021 felony child neglect conviction and December, 2021 arrest for an outstanding warrant. However, the devil d*cked reality star’s trouble-free streak ran out this week as he found himself back in jail and facing two felonies.

According to jail and court records, Michael was booked in Miami-Dade County just before 8PM on Thursday, March 16. He has been charged with a felony count of battery of a police officer (corrections officer, firefighter, etc.) and a felony count of resisting an officer with violence to his person.

In his rather rough mug shot photos, Michael appears to have facial injuries. Given Michael’s charges, I assume his injuries were sustained during an altercation with the arresting officer(s). Here is a close-up look at Michael’s left cheek:

Michael Simmons from Love After Lockup arrested 2023 injury

The 31-year-old posted his $5,000 bond on the same day the charges were filed. Michael’s next scheduled court date is April 14. We’re currently working on getting more information on Michael’s arrest and the charges against him, so stay tuned!

UPDATE – We now have the details from the police report!

Michael’s mug shot and charges showed up on a Miami-Dade County arrests Facebook page, then the information was posted on the Love After Lockup subreddit by u/Electrical-Ad-956.

Michael and Maria pregnancy announcement

Michael Simmons’ arrest on Wednesday comes less than a year after he and his long-time girlfriend, Maria, announced that she was pregnant with their first child.

The couple shared the pregnancy news on their joint private Instagram account along with a sonogram dated March 25, 2022. It’s unclear how far along Maria was or her due date.

As Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup viewers are aware, Michael has two daughters with his co-star, Sarah Simmons. It’s unclear if Michael still sees his daughters.

Sarah was quite vocal about her disdain for Michael’s new boo after Maria posted a photo with Michael and Sarah’s one-year-old daughter Rayne and trashed Sarah in the caption. Here was Sarah’s reaction on Instagram in March of 2020:

A lot of you want me to respond to Maria’s latest IG post. Yes I’ve seen it. And I wasn’t happy. I won’t tolerate a “grown woman/mother” using my child in a post just hoping to get to me. That’s straight trash. I spoke to her myself making it clear I’ll never respect her or be cool with her after that one ? She tried to apologize cuz she knows she’s wrong but I won’t ever forgive someone for using my innocent 1 year old to attack me on social media. ?

Sarah was also displeased after Michael was arrested (and later convicted) of felony child neglect. Michael was found guilty in July of 2021. The conviction stemmed from an incident in November of 2020. Here’s an excerpt from our post with details from the actual police report:

The very brief summary is that Michael was responsible for watching a young male child (the child’s age was redacted from the report) at a Daytona Beach hotel. Michael left for more than five hours, during which time a witness saw the unsupervised child “rotate from the beach to the pool deck, go into the ocean, pool and Jacuzzi alone, and play with another hotel guests’ child on the beach.”

The young boy eventually approached hotel staff and asked for food. When the hotel manager ascertained that the child was unsupervised, a call to 911 was placed. Michael later told police that he went to get the child “gummy snacks” and his car broke down. As a result, the child was left unsupervised at the hotel from roughly 2PM until roughly 7:15PM.

It’s still unclear who the child was and what the child’s relation is to Michael. All of that information is redacted from the court documents. However, Sarah confirmed the child was not one of hers. “My kids were NOT involved!!!” she wrote on Instagram soon after news broke about Michael’s arrest.

Michael’s girlfriend Maria’s arrests

Michael isn’t the only one in his current relationship with a history of legal problems. Maria’s criminal history includes multiple arrests between 2004 and 2019 for charges that include theft, trespassing, prostitution, and “battery on a person over 65 years of age.”

Most recently, Maria was arrested for misdemeanor battery on April 25, 2021. She soon posted her $1,500 bond and was back out.

Here is Maria’s mug shot photo from that arrest:

Life After Lockup Michael Simmons girlfriend Maria arrested in 2021

It’s unclear who the alleged victim was in the case. When the charge was filed, there was a stay away order implemented. Roughly a month after Maria’s arrest, there was a motion to modify the stay away order filed. It was approved “allowing contact” on June 23, 2021.

The charge was dropped a month later after the prosecutors decided not to prosecute.

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