LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Monique’s bf Derek arrested for felony assault in Ohio

Love After Lockup Monique's boyfriend Derek arrested for felony assault

WE tv revealed earlier today that Monique and Derek will be making their return to television in this week’s episode of Life After Lockup. Unfortunately for the couple, they might need to shift shows to Love During Lockup because Derek was arrested earlier today in Ohio!

Jail records indicate Derek Warner was booked into the Lorain County Jail at 3:51PM today. According to @MerryPants on Instagram, Derek was arrested while walking out of a restaurant. “Monique was said to be waiting for him in the car.”

Derek has been charged with felonious assault. He posted his $10,000 bond less than an hour after being booked and was released.

The felonious assault statute Derek is accused of violating indicates that he is believed to have caused “serious physical harm to another or to another’s unborn.”

Derek from Love After Lockup arrested again

UPDATE Derek responds to arrest

Late Tuesday evening, Derek did a very brief Instagram live stream in which he assured viewers that his arrest was a “minor setback.”

Derek says the felonious assault charge is an “old charge from when I was locked up in 2021, that’s all. Nothing new. Nothing since I been out.”

Derek explains that the assault being an old charge was why he was able to bond out so quickly.

I checked Ohio Department of Correction Records and didn’t see an assault charge from 2021, so it doesn’t appear to be a parole violation for a previous conviction. We will continue to look into Derek’s charge and will update with any relevant information.

Who did Derek assault?

Derek’s felonious assault charge is a second-degree felony, which means that he didn’t assault a law enforcement officer because that would elevate the charge to a first-degree felony.

Court records indicate that Derek was actually indicted on the charge on March 17, which was 11 days before his arrest. I assume there was a warrant issued and Derek was probably aware that he might be arrested at any time. That would certainly help explain how he was able to bond out so quickly! Perhaps he had a fundraiser and asked all the women he was sleeping with to donate a dollar?

UPDATE – Check the link in the tweet above for more information on Derek’s charge, including the alleged victim.

Derek has been engaged in some very serious feuding with his sisters online. It’s unknown if one (or both) of them filed the assault charge. Derek’s sister Elizabeth threatened multiple times to report Derek to his parole officer and have him thrown back in jail, but I don’t believe she ever mentioned an assault charge being the reason?

Life After Lockup's Derek Warner arrested again

Derek hasn’t posted on social media since his arrest. Monique shared photos in her Instagram feed and stories and simply wrote: “I have peace within me, I can careless about the chaos around me 💕”

We will try to find out more about the charge against Derek, so stay tuned! Oh, and for those of you who have been asking how tall Derek is, his booking records indicate that he is five feet, six inches tall.

Derek and Monique are scheduled to appear at an event at the Hush Ultra Lounge in Euclid on April 7. It’s unknown if the venue will still be hosting the event with one of their special guests facing a felony assault charge.

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