90 DAY FIANCE Yara came down with COVID after fighting with her mother-in-law

In episode 9 of Season 6 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Yara copes with a series of unfortunate events while caring for baby Mylah during Jovi’s time away working at his underwater robotics job.

First, she faces the ravaging danger of hurricanes, which is unlike any storm she’s encountered in Ukraine. Then, she stands up to her mother-in-law in order to spend time alone with her baby. Yara and Gwen butted heads in the scene where Yara leaves her house, at one point Yara tells Gwen she gives her a headache and feels like her son Jovi is too much up her a$$.

Then, a month after she assured Jovi’s mom Gwen that she didn’t need her help to take care of baby Mylah, Yara contracted COVID-19 after spending time in New Orleans.

She got a fever and a sore throat. She also had a terrible headache and felt dizzy all the time. In fact, Yara was too dizzy and fatigued to take care of Mylah. She couldn’t even walk to get herself food and water and her milk started to go away. So, she had to call Gwen for help.

“I am so much thankful that she can help me with Mylah,” Yara says. “But it’s kind of bad luck for me that just one month ago I was telling Gwen that I can go back to home, and I can care about Mylah by myself. And now I have COVID.”

Yara quarantined away from Gwen in a different room of the house while Gwen cared for baby Mylah. Yara wore a mouth when she was around Mylah, but she continued to breastfeed.

When she facedtimed with Jovi, he was confused about how she contracted COVID. Yara pointed out that even though she was careful, not everyone in New Orleans was wearing masks.

Yara wanted Jovi to come home care for her because she was sick, but he couldn’t leave his job, which requires him to travel to different places around the world for at least a month at a time. Yara calls herself “stupid” to be in a situation where she has a husband who is away for so long.

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