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New Onision lawsuit filed by Regina Alonso for online child sexual exploitation

Two Florida law firms jointly announced earlier today that they have filed a civil lawsuit against YouTubers James Jackson (Onision) and Lucas Jackson (Kai) on behalf of Regina Alonso. The lawsuit also names YouTube’s parent company, Google, and alleges that the platform participated in the grooming and exploitation of their client by Onision and Kai when Regina was a child.

ONISION IN REAL LIFE Sarah shares her story of being groomed by Greg and Kai

The Discovery+ examination of Greg Jackson Onision in Real Life resumed with a fourth episode this weekend after a several months-long hiatus. Now Sarah, a young woman who was groomed via the Internet to become friends with Onision and his husband Kai, and then engage in a sexual relationship once she reached 18, is speaking out via the Discovery+. She has previously shared her story with Chris Hanson on YouTube, but has asked that her name and identifying details be removed from the show’s previous episodes. She’s now ready to share her harrowing story on this platform.