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EVIL LIVES HERE Serial killer Robert Eugene Brashers’ daughter hates that she still loves him

Robert Eugene Brashers’ daughter Deborah Brashers thinks her father was an “evil” man for killing and raping multiple people, but still has love for him because of how he treated her as a father. Because of these conflicting feelings, Deborah suffers from intense guilt over who she thought her father was as a child, and who she came to find out he was.


RHOBH Celebrity manager PK Kemsley critiques Erika’s social media behavior ‘That’s just not the right message’

Wednesday’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills included a scene between Dorit and her husband PK Kemsley discussing Erika’s problems and her social media behavior. PK has several critiques for Erika which come from his experience undergoing a 1 billion dollar bankruptcy (a corporation he was employed by went bankrupt) and managing celebrities for a living. He gave his analysis of what he would have advised Erika to do if he had been hired to handle her crisis management.

YouTube family vlogger coached son to cry more and appear more emotional and sad for thumbnail

Family vlogger Jordan Cheyenne forgot to edit out a scene from her vlog where she’s seen coaching her emotionally distraught son to appear “more sad” and repeat what she tells him. The son, who is genuinely upset of their dog’s Parvo diagnosis is already crying when his mother tells him to “look like he’s crying.” Genuinely crying ins’t enough for the vlog, so Jordan instructs her son how to pose to look more dramatic for the vlog and to create a more clickable thumbnail.


RHOBH Did Erika threaten to sue Sutton over calling her a liar?

At the beginning of Episode 15 “Threats and Promises” the women are still at Kathy’s fancy white glove dinner with caviar pie and duck. Sutton has just confronted Erika about the fact that she thinks Erika lied about Tom’s car accident. Erika has given conflicting stories about what happened to Tom, and has most recently revealed that he suffered brain trauma from the accident that she says affected his personality in a profound way.

MAFS Does Johnny find his wife Bao’s joy ‘disgusting’?

At the beginning of Season 13 of Married at First Sight Bao and Johnny looked to be one of the stronger matches, but as the day have worn on it seems like they are more and more incompatible. Last week we learned that Johnny finds how his wife Bao expresses happiness to be a turnoff, which led Bao to think that he finds her Joy “disgusting.” Johnny has weighed in further about why he said that, but he remains firm that he is not attracted to her giddy, childlike behavior when she’s enjoying life.


Do the Married at First Sight couples sign a prenup? How do they handle finances?

After getting Married at First Sight, the different couples start feeling each other out in different ways. Only a few of the couples have started discussing money so far, but for Mylra and Gil and Jose and Racehl financial matters are at the forefront of their disagreements. All this talk about money makes us wonder? Do the couples sign a prenup to protect their own finances before they get married to a stranger?