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TOO LARGE Corey Phelps before and after weight loss

Corey Phelps has endured a lot in his life. As a child, he had always been larger than his peers and endured bullying for it. His weight escalated in high school after he came out as gay and was rejected by his mom because of her religion. Eventually, Corey moved out of his mother’s house because of her lack of tolerance for his sexuality but became homeless because he had nowhere else to go. He achieved stability with the help of the Good Neighbor homeless shelter, where he found his best friend Renee and was able to find a job in tech support.

TOO LARGE Boyfriend Jon proposes to Meghan Crumpler

Too Large , an extreme weight-loss show featuring Atlanta-based Dr. Proctor of 1000-lb Sisters fame, debuted yesterday on Disocver+. The show is modeled on My 600-lb Life, which stars Houston-based Dr. Nowzaradan, and has a bit of the flare and positivity of 1000-lb Sisters. During the episode, Meghan tries to persuade her lifelong friend Vannessa to also get the surgery, but Vannessa has a number of internal roadblocks that keep her from reaching her goals.

In the premiere episode Stockbridge, GA resident Meghan Crumpler is almost 500 pounds, needs an oxygen tank to breathe and has decided it’s time to make a change in her life. She seeks help from Dr. Proctor, who is passionate about bariatric surgery and has been practicing it for 14 years.