SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dannielle’s parents travel to Mexico to meet Roberta

In tonight’s episode, Garrick and Dannielle bring Dannielle’s parents, Scott and Luann to Mexico so they can meet Roberta. They are struggling with the idea, but are trying to be supportive. Garrick says that he no longer has his own family in his life so he appreciates his inlaws’ presence. They’ve strategically timed this visit during Roberta’s ovulation so she can possibly get pregnant during the visit. Garrick cited COVID-19, immigration issues, and Roberta’s age (34) as reasons for why he wants to try for a baby right away instead of waiting to get married.

“Scott and Luann know that me and Roberta are gonna try to have a baby on this trip,” Garrick says.

Garrick, Dannielle, Scott, Luann, and Roberta will all be staying together in the same luxury villa in Cabo, Mexico. While touring the house, they find a room with a direct route to the hottub. Garrick immediately claims it for himself and Roberta.

Dannielle says “yeah,” but her face tells a different tale.

Luann feels good about Roberta when she thinks of her as another daughter, but has trouble thinking about Garrick kissing Roberta. Scott is focusing his trepidation on the current circumstances of COVID, and the fact that if Roberta does get pregnant, she won’t be able to join the family right away to help with the pregnancy and taking care of the newborn.

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