90 DAY FIANCE Underwater robotics job: What does Jovi Dufren do for a living?

The Season 6 plotline of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After for Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya centers on life with a new baby in the middle of a pandemic. Yara has taken to motherhood like a hand to a glove, but Jovi is less comfortable with a life of protective domesticity. Before Mylah Angelina was born in September 2020, Jovi was used to a freewheelin’ lifestyle of bars and traveling.

Now, along with the COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantine measures, he’s forced to spend a lot of quiet time at home. COVID even made his energy job in underwater robotics more difficult because it involves a lot of travel, which means a lot of quarantine time before and after. Jovi’s job also puts a strain on his relationship with Yara, as he has to leave her alone to parent Mylah by herself for long stretches of time.

Where does Jovi work?

For over 10 years Jovi has worked as a ROV Supervisor for Schilling UHD, which is in the energy sector.

Jovi was drawn to underwater robotics by spending a lot of time on shrimp boats as a child growing up in Louisana. “I guess just being on a boat is in my blood. So we go down, we do maintenance on pipelines for oil production. I actually love my job, we do a lot of cool stuff, we see all kinds of animals. But my favorite thing about my job is the travel,” Jovi has said about his job.

What does his job entail

Jovi’s job has allowed him to visit over 25 countries. When Jovi’s working, he stays on the boat for 28 days in a row, but then he gets four weeks off to do with what he likes. That’s when Jovi travels to wherever he wants to explore the world.

During the time he’s on the boat, his job is to control a robot the size of a car that goes underwater 12,000 feet and performs maintenance on submerged oil pipelines. Jovi’s job as a supervisor means he’s a leader of a team of people operating and maintaining the ROVs.

The machines are called ROV, or “Remotely Operated Vehicles

How much does Jovi Dufren make? What’s his salary?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an ROV supervisor in the US is $95,000 a year.

Without his job, Jovi would have never met Yara

Jovi’s freedom to see the world led him to find love with Yara.”A lot of times, I would go alone so I downloaded a travel app to start to meet people and one day, I met a girl named Yara,” he said about how they met. At the time Yara was a makeup artist in Kyiv, Ukraine, and after connecting via text, they spend some time together in Budapest during one of Jovi’s four weeks off.

In fact, just last week Jovi gave Yara an early birthday celebration because he’ll be leaving for work again on her birthday (June 8.)

Yara recently posted a vlog on her YouTube channel showing how she handles time alone when Jovi’s away working.

Jovi has shared some Instagram photos about his job.

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