SEEKING SISTER WIFE Christeline’s wedding to the Snowdens

Tonight’s new episode of Seeking Sister Wife shows the intimate wedding Chrissy has with the Snowdens only one week after Dimitri surprised proposed to her. Because of COVID the event was lowkey and homey, unlike the more elaborate affair the family had with Vanessa Cobbs. The situation was more complicated, however, because it didn’t work out and now Chrissy has to through a legal divorce.

Another kink in the day was that Chrissy waited until her wedding day to let her family know she was marrying Dimitri. Thankfully, her family gave them their blessing, but this was a source of tension for a while.

Chrissy makes it clear that she’s nervous about legally marrying Dimitri and moving her family to the U.S. She has never been legally married before, and she is close to her family so moving to the U.S. is a big deal. “This is all happening so fast,” she says.

Even though Dimitri’s marriage to Vanessa Cobbs ended abruptly, he seems eager to marry Chrissy. The family also recently lost a potential sister wife in Tayler, who left the family before any engagement was proposed. They had to ship her stuff back to her. After ex-wife Ariadne, who has been very outspoken about her time with the family, women who leave the Snowdens often stay tight-lipped, leaving some to speculate they’re made to sign NDAs.

“The last time I got married it was an epic fail. This time I think it’s different with Chrissy because I feel Chrissy choosing us every single day,” Dimitri says about why he thinks Chrissy is different than Vanessa. “I feel it in the way she touches me, in the way she moves around the house, when she cooks. She chooses this family every day and that is different. I’ve never felt that way before.”

The pair exchanged rings over the same, sweet vows while Ashley and their children watch. “Chrissy, I want to hold your hand forever. This ring is my sacred gift with my promise that I will always love you all the days of my life. And with this ring, you become my wife.”

“Dimitri, I want to hold your hand forever. This ring is my sacred gift with my promise that I will always love you all the days of my life. And with this ring, you become my wife.”

Dimitri then moves Chrissy’s ankle from her right foot to her left.

“It’s customary in my Cuban culture to present a woman with an anklet on her right ankle when we propose marriage. Then, when we get married, you move the anklet from the right ankle to the left ankle, which symbolizes the commitment,” he explains.

The officiant Michael then asks Ashely to place a bindi on Chrissy’s forehead.

Ashley explains why she wears a bindi, and why she is placing one on Chrissy during the marriage ceremony: “The bindi has multiple meanings. Because women are the creators, that is our symbol and reminder that our life is what we create. And so for me to be able to adorn Christeline with the bindi means I was here first, I helped establish our family, and now I’m sort of passing the torch and giving her an equal position in the family as my new sister wife.”

Many times Ashley has said that she is fine with the legal marriage and that she believes in Chrissy, but sometimes her face betrays some possible hidden difficult feelings about the situation. For the duration of the episode, she seems distant and going through the motions, and when Chrissy is declared Dimitri’s legal wife, Ashley appears to be despondent.

Ashley has been with Dimitri for nine years, and never legally married him. They made this decision because they were planning on bringing other women in, and they didn’t want one woman to have the “legal” wife role. Now, in order to live with Christeline permanently, she had to marry Dimitri in order to immigrate to the U.S. It’s a practicality, a tool for them to achieve their goals, but as often happens with plural arrangements, legal marriages can often carry an emotional weight that’s hard to shake. Kody Brown might refer to Chrissy’s legal marriage as the “pink elephant in the room.”

After the wedding, Ashely declares “And now our family is complete,” which perhaps means that she hopes there are no more women added to the dynamic.

Dimitri, however, is already thinking about his next wife just after marrying Chrissy: “Well, it’s complete for now.”

Of course, the legal marriage did not last long with Chrissy. She is currently going through a divorce from Dimitri, filed a restraining order against Dimitri and Ashley. Former Snowden wife Ariadne setup a GoFundMe campaign so Chrissy and her kids can get some essentials and get their feet on the ground during this difficult time. Chrissy recently gave an update on her situation. She didn’t offer many details (possibly because of an NDA) but she did want to express her gratitude and report that she and her girls are doing ok right now.


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