ONISION IN REAL LIFE Sarah shares her story of being groomed by Greg and Kai

The Discovery+ examination of Greg Jackson Onision in Real Life resumed with a fourth episode this weekend after a several months-long hiatus. Now Sarah, a young woman who was groomed via the Internet to become friends with Onision and his husband Kai, and then engage in a sexual relationship once she reached 18, is speaking out via the Discovery+. She has previously shared her story with Chris Hanson on YouTube, but has asked that her name and identifying details be removed from the show’s previous episodes. She’s now ready to share her harrowing story on this platform.

“My name is Sarah, and I was groomed by Greg and Kai,” she says. She was reticent to continue speaking about her story because she’s had to deal with so much since she first came out with it. She finds it hard to trust people because so many just want to make money off of her story instead of helping. She decided to move forward, however, because people were sharing her story anyway and she wanted to share it the “right” way.”

Sarah describes being a quiet, introverted kid with low self-esteem and identity issues. She says she felt like Greg and Kai picked up on her vulnerabilities and emotional needs. She saw in them the allure of a “glitz and glam” Internet celebrity lifestyle.

Sarah was 12-years-old when she first found Onision’s videos. The videos on his “Onision Speaks” channel really spoke to her. She felt like she wanted to be his friend as she didn’t often see grown men speak about the topics he was addressing.

When Greg’s husband Kai (then his wife Lainey) started appearing on his channels, Sarah felt more drawn to her than Greg, so she started Tweeting to her @Laineybot profile. She then got involved in a groupchat, and by the time she was 14, Sarah had access to Lainey’s personal phone number. At the time Lainey/Kai was almost 20-years-old.

Soon Sarah and Lainey/Kai were talking for hours and hours. Although Kai is now a transgender FtM, at the time Sarah thought Lainey/Kai was a straight woman married to a man. All this attention from Lainey/Kai made her feel special. At the time, she had crushes on both Greg and Lainey/Kai.

Soon, Sarah was in a sexually charged group chat with Lainey/Kai and other fans. They would all send photos of themselves in their underwear. By the time Sarah was 15, in 2016, Lainey/Kai had come out as bisexual and Greg had given her permission to have a girlfriend. Sarah thought she was in love with Lainey/Kai, and the couple asked the young ten to come visit them.

Lainey/Kai brought up to Sarah that even though it wouldn’t be legal for them to have sex, she wanted to kiss her. Sarah said Greg, who was 30 at the time, told Lainey/Kai, who was 21, that it would be better to wait until Sarah, who was 15 at the time, to turn 18 before they kissed her.

Sarah asked her family for a ticket to Washington for her 16th birthday. Her family didn’t know much about Sarah’s “best friend” Lainey, but they let her go.

When Greg first met Sarah he told her that her face looked like “how cream soda feels going down your throat.” Greg started featuring Sarah on his gaming channel, and soon, Sarah’s mother signed over power of attorney to Lainey/Kai, which led Lainey/Kai to publicly state that she was “legally Sarah’s guardian.” Sarah was having problems at home which she does not elaborate on for the show.

Kai had control of Sarah’s bank account until she was 18. “I trusted Kai with my whole heart,” Sarah says of the time. Sarah says as soon as the power of attorney was signed, Greg started making more sexual jokes around her. At one point, Sarah remembers Greg reaching over and caressing her face. She felt like something about it was really off.

At one point Lainey/Kai asked Sarah if they could get married if she and Greg got divorced. When Lainey/Kai would fight, Lainey/Kai would ask Sarah to fantasize about properties to move in together on Zillow. “I don’t think that Lainey really knows the boundaries of friendship and romance,” she says.

Greg was often very mean to Sarah, in a way many viewed as flirty. “I think he essentially broke me down so that he could build me back up to be what he wanted,” she says of his behavior during this time. Onision later admitted in one of his explanation videos, that he verbally abused Sarah to make it clear that he didn’t want anything to do with her because she wasn’t of age.

Since they were broadcasting some of this relationship/friendship online, many viewers grew worried for Sarah during this time. By 2017, after a very public breakup, the couple had with another young woman (who was of legal age) Greg sent Sarah away from their house on a plane and made a video arguing that he would never be interested in a 16-year-old in that way.

Soon after Lainey/Kai asked Sarah to come live with them in secret. She obliged because she wanted to be around her best friend again. In November 2017, Sarah let Greg know that some of his comments made her uncomfortable, which sent him into a rage. He kicked her out, and she didn’t see the couple again until eight months later.

She felt like a toy to them, which they played with when they wanted to, and then put away when they were tired of her. She says their behavior towards her escalated. Eventually, they wanted her to come back as close to her 18th birthday as possible. When she arrived at the airport that time, he bear-hugged her and was nice to her. He called her “super-hot now.”

Soon after she turned 18, Greg and Kai initiated sex in front of Sarah and drew her in. Months after that, Kai had grown distant towards Sarah. While Kai was away visiting her family, Sarah spent some time alone with Greg. They had sex multiple times, but he showed her no romance. Soon, Sarah was asked to leave again because Kai was getting angry with this arrangement. Sarah never saw them again and decided to speak out so this type of situation would never happen to anyone else.

Their last episode aired in January with a call to de-platform the accused abuser. The very next day Onision was removed from YouTube’s Partner Program, and is unable to make money on YouTube, though he still has a platform on Twitter and seems to earn his income from OnlyFans.

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