EXTREME SISTERS Are twins Anna and Lucy pregnant by boyfriend Ben?

Extreme Sisters‘ Anna and Lucy DeCinque are 35-year-old inseparable twin sisters who want to do everything together in impeccable sync, including motherhood. The two women share a boyfriend, Ben, who they hope to get pregnant by at the same time. They also plan to do every task of motherhood together. In a clip from tonight’s show, Anna and Lucy, who echo each other’s words, explain how they don’t even plan to stop taking showers together when they become mothers.

The super-attached sisters decide that if one of the babies needed attending in the middle of the night, instead of taking shifts they would both get up. A producer asked the sisters if they might get a shower while one of them looked after a baby, and they were very against that idea. “That’s not gonna work,” one said while the other one added “We’re just never apart.”

The pair don’t just shower together, they even sleep in the same bed, where they take their temperatures to monitor their ovulation.

Anna and Lucy share everything together, even their Instagram account, where they market themselves as the “World’s most identical twins.”

Are Anna and Lucy pregnant?

It seems that the extreme sisterly duo have not yet conceived, judging by their social media accounts. However, one or both could be pregnant and simply keeping it under wraps.

Where did Anna and Lucy meet boyfriend Ben?

Ben has been dating the twins for 10 years. They were introduced via Facebook by a friend. They both shared their first kiss with him the first night they met him, and they all hit it off immediately.

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