SEEKING SISTER WIFE Dimitri Snowden may be homeless; where is Ashley?

In an email leaked to Reddit by someone who Seeking Sister Wives star Dimitri Snowden may owe money to, a sender going by the name Dimitri Snowden says he is currently homeless and asks the lender if there is any kind of work he could possibly do for them to repay his debt, including working on a farm or any other type of manual labor.

Of course, there’s no way to know whether this is actually from Dimitri, but one possible indication that it is, or at least that whoever faked it is pretty good, is the inclusion of the Registered Trademark symbol ® Dimitri uses by his name. The writing style also reads very similar to the way Dimitri talks.

What does Dimitri do for a living?

Dimitri puts forth the image that he’s a rich tech guy who builds robots for a living. His website says he “designs epic experiences based on a fusion of technology, customer anthropology and digital content,” and credits him with building “a awsm robot – the first 800 pound, 7 foot tall tracked robot built for k-8 grade charter school curriculums.” There is a 2016 Georgia Tech article that about this robot that describes Dimitri as a “self-taught robotist.” He donated the robot to their construction engineering lab.

Dimitri’s Twitter bio says he is an inventor and “ontological architect,” and he told Georgia Tech that means he “studies how the things we design for our world design us back.”

A 2018 promotional video Dimitri published to his YouTube channel titled “Ontological Architect” further fails to clarify the term “ontological architect:”

A scene from Season One of Seeking Sister Wife shows Dimitri working at home with multiple screens and a robot in the $900k house the family was renting in L.A.

His Instagram now lists his occupation as a “reality tv personality,” although that gig may have come to an end after his legal marriage to Christeline Peterson disentegrated into restraining orders and abuse claims.

After the pandemic hit in 2020 when he and Ashely were living with both Tayler and Christeline, Dimitri said he lost some gigs and had to make up for the loss of income by delivering groceries. The routine was that Chriseline and Ashley would look after the kids while Tayler and Dimitri worked as delivery drivers.

Where are Ashley and the kids?

It’s unclear where Ashley Snowden and their kids appear are right now but she has been posting on Instagram in recent days. One of her posts was with flowers, and another was a video of her modeling for Raquel Allegra clothing. She pairs her Instagram posts with lengthy (and cryptic) philosophical reflections but gives no concrete details about what’s going on in her life.


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