VIDEO Love Has Won members refused to take ‘Mother God’ Amy Carlson to the hospital when she asked to go

The end of Love Has Won cult-leader Amy Carlson’s life shocked the world two weeks ago when her body was discovered by police in a rural Colorado town mummified and anointed with glitter. It’s still unknown exactly how or when Amy, who went by the name “Mother God,” died but authorities believe she had been deceased for several weeks to a month because of the state of decay when they discovered her body. They did not suspect foul play, and Amy had been sick for a while.

Amy has always been very anti-conventional medicine in her Love Has Won teachings, but sometime in the last year of her life Amy did ask her followers to take her to a hospital. However, they declined to help her seek medical care, and then shared this interaction on a live stream.

In the clip above, which is from the “Rise Above Love Has Won” YouTube channel, one woman starts by answering a viewer question about what regular doctors think about Amy’s health problems, which they refer to as a “3D doctor” to make a distinction between the “3D” world and the 5-dimensional world they believe Amy was going to take them to. The group has now renamed its YouTube Channel and Facebook page “5D Full Disclosure.”

“There is no way that Mom (Amy) would go to a 3D doctor. They would be so perplexed by Mom to begin with,” the member says in the clip. “First off, Mom just triggers people by smiling or breathing in their presence . . . There have been moments when Mom has asked us to take her to a 3D hospital and we’re like ‘No!’ because there’s just, there’s no way and I know exactly how hijacking works. And, you can bet your f**kin’ a** that someone in that hospital, whoever it would be, would get hijacked and go straight for Mom, try to do who knows what. They would try to take her to surgery. They would try to do some crazy sh*t. So, absolutely not.”

“They don’t even have anything that can keep up. Mom’s said this many times that what’s going on with the body cannot be defined by terms, medicine, what they believe,” the second member continues. “Systems of the body and what’s happening. If we all were to go to a 3D hospital and get x-rays or an MRI, or whatever the f**k they do, they would find something in everybody’s brain because the brain is healing. But to them with them with their technology of black and white, they’ll see a spot and say ‘Cancer’ but of course, that’s not true at all.”

This claim that finding cancer would be a lie contradicts was member Robert Begley posted on Facebook last September: “Did you see what the locals did to our mother’s house? They smashed every window in her car. They smashed her house windows. They threw rocks. How would you like that to happen to your mother? Your mother who has full cancer in her body and paralyzed.”

According to multiple sources, and her own behavior on live streams, Amy was a habitual heavy alcohol drinker, which can deteriorate health quickly. Her followers have also mentioned several times over the past year that she had cancer. When the group appeared on the Dr. Phil show last year Amy claimed to be paralyzed from the waist down, but she could be seen on many live streams moving her legs and lower body. In the last few months of her life Amy lost weight at an increasingly rapid pace and her face and palms of her hands turned a blue-grey color, which is a symptom of argyria, a permanent change of skin color from silver buildup in the skin.

Amy frequently ingested colloidal silver, which is an alternative health treatment that Love Has Won sold under the name Gaia’s Whole Healing Essentials, LLC. Last April the FDA issued Gaia’s Whole Healing Essentials a warning letter about their violation of advertising the sale of colloidal silver to cure COVID-19.

So, while it’s unclear exactly what led to Amy’s death, it’s clear that her health was rapidly declining in the year leading up to her death. Amy, who told her followers that she was the physical manifestation of God that has been reincarnated over 500 times, preached against hospitals and conventional medicine. She was so convincing in her teachings that, according to two of her followers, when she asked to receive medical care from a hospital they declined her request.

Seven adults who were in the house at the time of her body’s discovery on April 28, 2021 were arrested and charged with abuse of a corpse and child abuse because there was a baby and a 13-year-old in the house as well. At least two are now out on bail, but they all may face more a serious charge of tampering with a deceased human body, which is a felony with a penalty of up to 12 years in prison. It’s believed by authorities that Amy’s body was transported over state lines, from California to Colorado, after her death.

Photos via Love Has Won, 5D Full Disclosure social media

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