VIDEO Kim Plath and boyfriend Ken Palmer make it official, Isaac reacts

Ken Palmer and Kim Plath

Welcome To Plathville couple Kim Plath and Barry Plath made headlines last year when they announced they were separating after 24 years of marriage. Since the separation, Barry has been focussed on bettering himself — both in the gym and as a father.

Meanwhile, Kim Plath has been looking outward instead of inward after the separation as she tries to find a romantic and friendly connection she never had with Barry. That connection happened rather quickly as Kim rebounded with her son’s flight instructor within months of the separation!

Earlier this season, Welcome To Plathville viewers briefly met Ken Palmer, who is Isaac Plath’s flight instructor and co-worker. He is also co-owner of the airplane that Kim helped Isaac buy.

On last week’s episode, Kim made the reveal to her friend Alicia that she and Ken were dating. “It’s just refreshing to finally be with someone that listens to me and that hears me, that really hears me,” Kim said of Ken. “And he hears beyond my words. He doesn’t just hear the words I say, he hears the heart behind it. And I feel like that’s something I’ve been hungry for for a long time.”

Despite Kim being seemingly smitten, she was quick to clarify that the relationship was still new. “I’m not saying that we’re getting married or this is it or anything like that,” she said. “But he is a part of my life now. And I guess it’s serious enough that I want to tell the children.”

Kim wanted to tell her children, but it wasn’t something she was looking forward to. “I’m terrified,” she said in regards to making the reveal to the rest of Plathville.

As you might expect, Kim was especially dreading making the reveal to Isaac. “I think I’m probably the most nervous to tell Isaac, just because I know how much it means to Ken,” Kim admitted. “But if Isaac’s not okay with me dating Ken, I guess we’ll just have to talk about it.”

Would Isaac’s rejection of the relationship be a deal breaker? Not necessarily.

“At the end of the day, I have to make some decisions that are best for me,” Kim said. “You know, in 10 years, there will be no children left at the house. They’ll all be adults with their own partners, their own jobs, their own lives. And then what am I left with? You know, I need to be left with a life that is a life that I want to live.”

Kim Plath tells Isaac she’s dating Ken

In a Welcome To Plathville preview clip from tonight’s episode, Kim overcomes her fear and reveals to Isaac that she is dating Ken. Here’s the video:

After Kim makes the reveal, Isaac seems unflustered. “OK. That would make sense,” he says, before revealing that he had suspicions that Kim and Ken’s relationship was a little more than mom and son’s flight instructor.

“I kind of put two and two together, but also I just had a little suspicion,” Isaac says. “I wasn’t sure, but it doesn’t surprise me.”

Kim asks Isaac how he feels about the relationship — if he’s OK with it and if he has any questions for her. The scene cuts to a confessional with Isaac, who clearly seems little more flustered than when he was sitting with Kim.

“I didn’t know what to say,” Isaac reveals. “I’m feeling just sad for the most part — just a little awkward — just, I don’t know. I don’t know what to think of it yet.”

Isaac asks Kim if she’s told any of his brothers or sisters. “Not yet,” Kim assures him. “I’m going to, but I wanted to tell you first because you’re the one who introduced us.” We see Isaac’s face as that fact sets in, then the scene cuts to a confessional with Kim:

The divorce is tough on everyone right now, so it’s extremely important that I am building strong relationships with the children. The fact that I’m dating someone — I definitely acknowledge that might be hard for some of them or all of them. I mean, ultimately, however they feel is OK, you know? I want them to be honest about their feelings.

Viewers are taken back to Isaac and Kim on the steps. “Ohhhhhhh,” Isaac says. “Awkward.”

Kim Plath’s boyfriend Ken Palmer’s Facebook posts are sure to be controversial

Kim Plath and boyfriend Ken Palmer make it official

In another preview clip from tonight’s episode of Welcome To Plathville, Kim Plath and Ken Palmer are on a sushi date when Kim proposes that they make their relationship official. Here’s the video:

“What do you consider our relationship to be?” Kim asks Ken. He remains silent. “Would you call me your girlfriend?” Kim asks as a follow up.

Ken takes a deep breath as he seems to ponder the concept. “Definitely,” he eventually says. “If you will accept that title,” he quickly adds.

“I was thinking we were probably at a point where we would call it ‘boyfriend/girlfriend,'” Kim assures him.

“I would like that,” Ken says.

“Me too,” Kim agrees, as both begin to smile.

Kim then shares her thoughts on her recent relationship journey in a confessional:

The whole divorce process — it’s been hard, but at the end of the day, I mean, I like being with someone that I really like. It’s weird to, on the one hand, be a girlfriend, and on the other hand, be over 50, you know? [laughing] Never thought I’d get a second shot at love. And it appears I am.

Kim Plath, Ken Palmer, and her DUI

Kim Plath made headlines (eventually) after she was driving while intoxicated and rolled her Chevy Suburban into a ditch in Saint Marks, Florida on June 10, 2022. The SUV was upside-down and the ditch was filled with water at the time.

Kim was later charged with, and found guilty of, DUI. She revealed to police at the hospital after the crash that she had “two 12-ounce margaritas” before attempting to drive to a friend’s house from her home in Cairo, Georgia. It is assumed the “friend’s house” was the Crawfordville, Florida home of her new boyfriend, Ken Palmer.

According to the officer at the hospital, Kim “stated she did not know where she was or what road she was on when the crash occurred.” According to Google, it is just over 55 miles from Cairo, Georgia to Saint Marks, Florida.

Kim consented to a blood test at the hospital. The results came back in September and indicated Kim had a blood alcohol content between .161 and .162, which is more than double the Florida legal limit of .08.

Charges were filed against Kim and a warrant was issued for her arrest. Kim turned herself in on October 20, 2022. That’s when the story broke about her DUI. (Starcasm was the first to link the October arrest to Kim’s car accident in June.)

Kim was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol on February 28, which was roughly eight months after her accident.

After her conviction, Kim filed an order to dismiss the impoundment and immobilization of her vehicle that was involved in the case. In the affidavit, Kim listed two other vehicles in her possession and had to reveal that one was being driven by Ken Palmer.

Click here for a full recaps of Kim’s DUI case with detailed accounts from the officers.

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