PLATHVILLE Lydia Plath quits job, going on ‘The Jesus Journey’ mission trip

Welcome To Plathville Lydia Plath mission trip details

Welcome To Plathville star Lydia Plath is taking her prayer closet on the road! The 19-year-old reality star recently announced that she will be spending the summer on a two-month mission trip across the United States spreading the love of Jesus.

“YEEESSS!!!! I’m going on a discipleship training/missions trip with @thejesusjourney_official!!!!!” Lydia captioned her Instagram video announcement on April 28.

“I am SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS,” she continued, “and can’t wait to see how Jesus radically changes and impacts my life and letting that flow through me to everyone around me as we travel from coast to coast!”

Here’s Lydia’s video announcement followed by her full caption:

I can’t even begin to say how long I’ve been wanting some thing exactly like this! And God brought it to me right in His timing!❤️👏🔥

I couldn’t be more thrilled and ready to leave everything behind, fully putting my family in His hands, and everything that is close to me, surrendering to him, where it is safest and running fully after JESUS!!!

If you’d like to support this mission strip, and stay updated on everything that Jesus is doing in and through us, subscribing to my channel will be an easy way for everyone! It’s only $4.99 a month and that will go a long ways!
I hope to see you there, and I hope you are encouraged through this as well!❤️🔥👏🙏

Lydia Plath jewelry store

Lydia quits her job

Lydia announced in October that she had gotten a new job at a local jewelry store — the same jewelry store that she was at when she helped Max pick out a pinky promise ring for her sister Moriah.

The job worked out extremely well, and Lydia posted multiple times about how much she enjoyed it. However, participating in the mission trip meant she had to quit.

She put in her notice at roughly the same time as her public announcement about the mission trip. She shared a selfie on Instagram and revealed that she had three weeks left at the job.

Given Lydia’s wording, it’s assumed that she does not plan to return to the same job when the mission trip is over.

What is The Jesus Journey?

The mission trip that Lydia Plath will be participating in is called The Jesus Journey and is sponsored by The Jesus Generation ministry. The group created a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising enough money to buy a “reliable van” for the 2023 trip. The description for the fundraising campaign provides a clear explanation of the mission:

The Jesus Journey is a 2 month missions trip for young adults with the goal of transforming the life of the individual by growing in receiving and releasing the love of Jesus through intimacy with God, learning their identity as a son / daughter, and overflowing that love in community with other believers & to the lost and broken.

On this trip we will travel the USA together to partner with local churches, ministries and fellow believers to see communities impacted.

On our last trip – thousands of lives were reached with the love of Jesus. We were able to become the hands and feet of Jesus across 15 states and saw so many lives saved from depression, brokenness, suicide, addiction, hopeless and fear. This trip was/ is a dream come true for me and so many and I believe it will be for years and years to come.

Lydia reveals that the 2023 trip will consist of 7-9 people between the ages of 18 and 32. According to recent posts by the The Jesus Journey on Instagram, the mission trip will run from May 28 through July 23.

I don’t believe they have released an itinerary of locations yet, but here is the calendar from last year as an example:

Congratulations to Lydia! She certainly seems thrilled to be going on the trip! Who knows? Maybe TLC will film some of her mission trip experience for the next season of Welcome To Plathville?

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