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PLATHVILLE Are Micah and Antia dating?

21-year-old Micah Plath is definitely the most adventurous of his siblings, and he seems to have no intention of settling down romantically. He’s currently living a nomadic couch-surfing life and spending most of his time in Los Angles, CA trying to make it as a model. He’s made it clear that he’s playing the field pretty heavily, but has shot scenes for the show with a vibrant young woman named Antia. Are the pair dating, or it this more of a “showmance?”

PLATHVILLE Why is Kim divorcing Barry? Barry thinks Kim’s believing a lie

This season of Welcome to Plathville has seen a startling change in matriarch Kim Plath. After over two decades of living a life secluded from the secular world, she seemingly changed on a dime. She’s now listening to new music, drinking, giving her children sugar, and even opened a dance studio. On top of all of that, Kim is initiating a divorce from her husband Barry. Why did their marriage fall apart?


WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE How Barry and Kim met and got married

Barry and Kim Plath from TLC’s Welcome to Plathville are getting divorced after 24 years of marriage. The former couple have raised their nine children in an extremely sheltered environment in rural Georgia, and once taught their kids that marriage is forever. NKim and Barry got married really young and didn’t really take the time to get to know each other before their wedding.


Welcome To Plathville Kim Plath talks about death of son Joshua in 2008

TLC will be introducing viewers to another Southern Quiverfull family this week with the premiere of their new reality series Welcome To Plathville. The show features the Plath family, which includes parents Barry and Kim Plath as well as their nine children ranging in ages from six to twenty-one. It’s unclear if the topic will be addressed on the show, but there was a tenth child that died in a tragic accident a little over a decade ago — something Kim has been quite open about online.