WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE Fans react to Barry Plath’s muscular physique

On the first episode of Welcome to Plathville season 5, patriarch Barry Plath explains that his post-divorce hobby has become working out. This has led to him gaining some pretty beefy muscles.

Keep reading to see Twitter/X reactions…

Welcome to Plathville season 5

Welcome to Plathville just started airing season 5 and a big focus of the TLC reality show has been the divorce of parents Barry and Kim Plath.

The pair split in 2022 and the series has become a lot about their relationship fallout.

Kim Plath has undergone a dramatic transformation after moving on with a man named Ken Palmer and being found guilty of a DUI. The family is sort of split down the middle as far as who is taking who’s side.

Micah, Moriah and Lydia have seemingly come out in favor of their upbringing, defending their parents publicly on social media. 

Ethan’s wife Olivia Plath has taken an antagonistic approach, denouncing her husband’s parents and telling (allegedly) fabricated stories about them.

Barry Plath muscles

In the latest season of Welcome to Plathville, Barry Plath explains that he has been spending a lot of time in the gym since becoming divorced from his wife, Kim Plath.

Kim has moved on to a new relationship, but from what we know, Muscle-Barry is single and available. 

This story is so popular in fact, PEOPLE Magazine wrote about it recently, calling it an “unrecognizable fitness transformation.”

Fans on Twitter/X couldn’t help themselves when it came to commenting on the Barry glow up. Several couldn’t believe their positive reaction to his new look, and some chose to make fun of the situation:

Personally we think Barry is looking pretty hot…

Welcome to Plathville season 5 debuted on TLC September 5th, 2023 at 10/9c.

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