Olivia and Ethan Plath ‘in the middle of a divorce’ according to her sister

Welcome to Plathville Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath in the  middle of a divorce, according to Olivia's sister

Welcome To Plathville couple Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath may be headed for divorce, according to Olivia’s sister.

RealiTeaSquad’s Sarah Howes shared a YouTube video earlier today titled “The Plaths Feud Over SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE Doc.” In the comments section, Olivia’s sister, Sophia Meggs-Roberts replied and revealed the divorce news.

“I’m Olivia’s sister,” Sophia began. “Olivia and Ethan are in the middle of a divorce. And season 5 should be out very soon.”

A quick check of the YouTube account that left the comment reveals that the channel has more than 50 videos posted, all of which feature the Meggs family. The earliest of the videos was posted in August of 2019 and shows Sophia and her brother, Nathan, graduating from high school. That was months before Welcome To Plathville premiered on TLC.

As we previously reported, Ethan and Olivia are now living in Minnesota. A quick check of Minnesota court records does not turn up a divorce filing for the couple. I assume the couple would file in Minnesota, but that is no guarantee. (There is also nothing filed in Hillsborough County, Florida where they previously resided.)

It would make sense that the couple would hold off on the filing, even if they were “in the middle of a divorce,” if the new season is imminent — as Sophia stated.

The Meggs, Plaths and IBLP

In addition to the divorce bombshell, Sophia also talked about her family’s ties (or lack thereof) to the Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP). The IBLP is a controversial fundamental Christian program that provides homeschool and child rearing techniques.

Fellow TLC reality star family the Duggars are affiliated with IBLP, and that affiliation is at the center of the new Amazon Prime documentary, Shiny, Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. In the wake of the documentary’s release, Olivia Plath has claimed that both her family (the Meggs) and the Plaths have ties to the IBLP — a claim that Lydia Plath has adamantly denied.

What about the Meggs family? “We did not grow up IBLP,” Sophia wrote in her comment. “We simply knew a lot of people who grew up this way and associated with them. My parents didn’t realize what being in that environment meant for us as a family. But my parents were not followers of Gothard or IBLP.”

“Olivia and Lydia are very bitter and working through a lot of stuff,” Sophia added. “They had it wayyyy better than so many other girls in IBLP.”

In a separate comment, Sophia offered up her take on the Plath family and the IBLP. “The Plaths were not exactly IBLP either. They were like us just more extreme in weird ways,” Sophia wrote. “They didn’t follow a rule book. Only Kim [Plath]’s rule book.”

Anybody else thinking we need a Welcome To Meggsville show?

I anticipate will have the Welcome To Plathville Season 5 announcement and trailer any day now. If Olivia and Ethan are having potential marriage-ending issues, I’m sure that will be evident in the preview. Stay tuned!

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