WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE The Plaths reunite without THESE family members

Welcome to Plathville stars gathered together for a mini reunion, but it looks like there were some family members who didn’t get the invite.

See the last few times the Plath family has met up, and find out who was missing every time…

Welcome to Plathville

Welcome to Plathville has aired for 4 seasons on TLC. The reality show follows the Plath family, who grew up conservative Christians – however the series shows many of the children (and one parent!) going off on their own and doing things a different way.

Currently living at home are Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia and Mercy. Micah, Ethan and Moriah (as well as illusive sister Hosanna) all live in different areas and have split from most of the family’s strict guidelines.

Plath family divided

As viewers got to see the last few seasons, there is a major division within the Plath family. The tension has even caused a few marital problems – son Ethan and Olivia Plath have been near divorce several times, while parents Barry and Kim actually separated in 2022.

It seems that the family has mostly rallied around Barry, as Kim is off breaking laws and getting caught. Ethan was estranged from his mother for years, due to his disapproval of the way he was raised and the fact that his wife couldn’t seem to make peace with the Matriarch.

Because she feels she is an outsider, Ethan’s wife Olivia is frequently left out of plans that involve the rest of the Plath family.

Welcome to Plathville reunion

The Plath’s have reunited a few times this month, and both times there were family members notably missing.

During their Easter observation you can see Kim, Ethan, Micah and Olivia were not present.

Is Ethan still estranged from the Plaths? Luckily it doesn’t seem like it, because he did meet up with his family at a separate time when he visited Georgia, leaving from his new home in Minnesota.

Interesting to note that while Micah was also present for this mini-reunion, Kim and Olivia were both absent again.

Looks like most of the Plath family has been reunited, but as far as Kim and Olivia’s feud is concerned, the drama is keeping them away from enjoying the group time together.

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