WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE Lydia Plath announces first album

Welcome to Plathville star Lydia Plath announced that she’ll be releasing an album at the end of September.

Keep reading to see her post, with behind the scenes…

Welcome to Plathville

Welcome to Plathville just aired the first episode of season 5 and fans are already raving. The TLC reality series follows the Plath family as they grow up and experience changes to their family structure. 

The current season is focused mainly on the rift between Ethan Plath’s wife Olivia and the rest of his family. Moriah and Micah have decided to side with their parents and it is causing an issue in their friendships and family.

Lydia Plath

Lydia Plath is the 5th child of Barry and Kim Plath, and she is known as the more conservative sister compared to wild child Moriah.

For example, Lydia went on a “missions” type trip earlier this year where she “spread the gospel” across the southern United States.

Lydia is not immune to the drama though – she’s gone up against Olivia Plath on social media on several different occasions, defending her upbringing and fact checking Olivia’s accusations.

Lydia Plath Album Announcement

Today on social media, Lydia Plath made a big announcement. Turns out, the Plath daughter is releasing her first album and it is due out on September 30, 2023.

Along with this photo, Lydia posted:

lydiajoyplath I’m SO excited to announce that I’ll be releasing my first album end of the month! September 30th is the big day!😁🎶I’ve been writing music for about 3 years now, and each of these songs tell a special part in my journey. Also… I had to add a special throw back for good family times sake! You won’t want to miss it!🥰
She then took to her story to post some behind the scenes images from the album recording process.
Lydia recorded her music on a trip to Nashville in April and from the looks of it, she’s VERY happy with how things turned out.

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