PLATHVILLE Olivia Plath confirms move to Minnesota with Ethan

Welcome To Plathville Ethan Plath and Olivia Plath move to Minnesota confirmed

So long Plathville! Welcome To Plathville‘s Ethan Plath and wife Olivia Plath are leaving Georgia and Florida far behind as they make a new home in Minnesota!

Olivia revealed to her social media followers a couple weeks ago that she and Ethan were in the process of moving somewhere in the Midwest. Ethan’s sister, Lydia Plath, later clarified that the duo were headed to Minnesota, which is where Lydia and Ethan’s paternal grandfather and grandmother live.

If you follow Olivia and/or Ethan on social media, then you will likely recall that the couple spent last Christmas at Ethan’s grandparents’ farm, which is located in south central Minnesota about an hour from downtown Minneapolis.

Earlier today, Olivia confirmed that she and Ethan are now officially Minnesotans with a brief Instagram story clip. “Good morning from snowy and sunny Minnesota!” Olivia began the clip.

Olivia expressed her gratitude for having sun before moving on with details about her new home. “Cat’s out of the bag. If you didn’t know, Ethan and I moved up to the Minneapolis area a couple weeks ago.”

“The past few weeks have been insane,” Olivia continued, “moving from Florida, trying to find an apartment, buying a new car, making this apartment look like a home.” It’s unclear exactly where Ethan and Olivia’s apartment is, or how far it is from his grandparents’ farm.

Olivia revealed that the transition has her way behind on work, as well as answering DMs and messages.

Moving from Florida to Minnesota is a HUGE change, especially for someone like Olivia, who is much more of a Sunshine State kinda gal. “I’m not a huge cold weather person, so winter’s going to be interesting,” Olive said. “But I am a big outdoorsy person! So, I plan to spend my time skiing, and snowboarding, and making memories with our amazing family up here that we love to pieces.”

Olivia said she hopes to update more frequently now that she is a little more settled in, then ended her message by blowing a kiss to the camera.

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