PLATHVILLE Ethan says Moriah owes him money

Welcome to Plathville‘s Ethan Plath stirred up some controversy on his sister Moriah’s latest Instagram post. Moriah made a playful post about her super long eyelashes to which Ethan hit back that the lashes weren’t as long a the bills she owes him.

Of course, Ethan could be joking, but he has been open about paying Moriah’s bills in the past. When Moriah went through her breakup with Max she experienced a bout of depression when she rarely left her room. At the time she was living with Ethan and his wife Olivia in Tampa, FL.

Ethan said he had helped Moriah with her bills during this time, but said that she had since caught up on them.

All we can do is speculate, but even though she took over her own bills at some point perhaps maybe she didn’t pay Ethan back for the ones he covered while she was struggling. The fact that he’s openly commenting like this on social media indicates that maybe the situation isn’t too serious and he’s just referencing this time in their lives.

Now Ethan and Moriah no longer live together. Ethan and Olivia have recently moved to Minnesota, where Ethan’s grandparents on his father Barry’s side live.

It’s not currently known what Moriah Plath’s living situation is right now.

Images via: Moriah Plath’s Instagram @moriah.jasper

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