WELCOME TO PLATHVILLE Season 5 trailer is here!

The trailer for season 5 of TLC reality series Welcome to Plathville is here and it looks like a very juicy season.

Read more to see Kim’s new boyfriend, Barry’s new body, and other spicy updates…

Welcome to Plathville

Welcome to Plathville is a TLC reality show that debuted in 2019. It has aired 4 seasons with a 5th coming up soon!

The series follows the Plath family through their trials and tribulations – most of the family is conservative Christian while some of the older members are beginning to rebel against their parents authoritarian ways.

In earlier seasons the family lived by strict rules on a secluded farmstead which included homeschool, limited sugar, no caffeine and no alcohol. A lot has changed since parents Barry and Kim Plath split in 2022 and older children Ethan, Moriah and Micah moved off the property.

Plathville trailer

Below you can view the trailer for season 5 of Welcome to Plathville.

Plathville will debut September 5th, 2023 at 10/9c.

Season 5 tidbits

In the trailer we get a lot of tea which makes us intrigued for what’s to come! Moriah seemingly turns on Olivia Plath, Ethan’s black-sheep wife, with whom she used to be very close with.

Speaking of Olivia, it appears that she comes and goes as she pleases. Is her relationship with Ethan on the rocks now that she’s “found herself” and a little bit of freedom?

Many of the kids, including Micah and Isaac, are questioning how the family has become so fractured – the divorce of Kim and Barry weighing on them all.

What are Kim and Barry up to post-divorce? Living their best lives, it seems! Barry has taken up working out at the gym and has built up some muscle mass that has us questioning if he’s a DILF?

Kim has quickly moved on to a new lover, who she calls her boyfriend in the trailer. Looks like we finally get to see first hand the man who was a coconspirator in her 2022 DUI.

At the end of the trailer Moriah Plath appears to be baptized by Barry, possibly the most shocking revelation of the entire preview. Is “rebel” Moriah ready to tow the Plath-family line again? We can’t wait to find out!

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