PHOTOS How is My 600 Lb Life Bettie Jo now? Is she still with Josh?

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Old-school My 600 Lb Life cast member Bettie Jo Elmore has shied away from the spotlight since her final episode aired back in 2018. But that doesn’t mean she’s retired from the public eye completely.

So how is My 600 Lb Life Bettie Jo now? How is her baby boy’s health since Bettie Jo’s pregnancy complications? And are she and Josh still married?

My 600 Lb Life Bettie Jo 2021: Living that domestic bliss

It’s actually hard to believe that three years have passed since we’ve gotten a proper Bettie Jo update. We’re happy to report that things appear to be going well for Bettie and her family.

Over the course of her three My 600 Lb Life episodes, viewers saw Bettie Jo’s weight drop from a peak of 654 pounds to a low of 445 at her last weigh-in. It was then that Bettie Jo expressed concern over how her weight might affect her pregnancy.

However, those scenes were actually filmed well over a year before Bettie’s latest follow-up actually aired. She gave birth to her son, Preston Elmore, all the way back in August of 2016. So for some My 600 Lb Life fans, it’s actually been almost five years since a Bettie Jo update.

But it’s obvious from the photo at the top of the page that the Season 3 alum is feeling good and living well. In fact, Bettie Jo had a life-affirming caption for that particular pic, one she shared not long after ringing in the New Year.

“Someone told me the other day I look really happy and good!” Bettie Jo wrote. “I said I am its the first time in a extremely long time i have felt good about my self and genuinely happy!”

Just a few weeks later, Bettie Jo further reaffirmed her positive outlook. It sounds like her mental health has improved considerably as she’s started a family and more time has passed.

“Ive survived Rape, being molested, 12 suicide attempts, my mother, my father,” Bettie Jo wrote. “[I] gained almost 800 pounds and have come along way to where I am today.. I am a warrior and survivor!”

She also added the “#newme” hashtag.

Here’s another recent photo of Bettie Jo — complete with filters — from 2021:

My 600 Lb Life Bettie Jo now 2

Are Bettie Jo and Josh still together?

We did mention Bettie Jo starting a family. For those of you wondering about her relationship status: Yes, Bettie Jo and Josh are indeed still together.

In fact, it was just under a month ago that they celebrated a pair of relationship milestones. The third of March was the couple’s 10th wedding anniversary — and they likewise celebrated fifteen years together!

Bettie Jo and Josh posted a sweet couple photo to mark the occasion:

My 600 Lb Life Bettie Jo now 1

If ever silly filters were appropriate, it has to be for a goofy, heartwarming relationship post 🙂

And here’s what Bettie Jo had to say about spending a decade and a half with her love:

Today me and Joshua Elmore have been married for 10 years! Together for 15!! Its crazy right.. When ypur 15 yrs old you definetely dont think ur gonna find ur forever. At least i didnt… But i did! I found someone who made me feel safe and loved.. He showed me parts of life that i didnt even realize was out there.. We have had rough road goods bads but we have always seemed to be just made for each other.. I believe god knew we both needed each other to grow and take care of each other… I love him more than words can say.. He a amazing dad husband person.. I love Joshy forever & always.

You can follow Bettie Jo on TikTok at @babyjoelmore. And if you need to revisit her most recent Where Are They Now? follow-up, you can stream it over on the Discovery+ site.

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