PHOTOS My 600 Lb Life Holly today: Brand-new pics from reclusive S7 star

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She had one of the most successful weight loss stories of My 600 Lb Life Season 7. But since her episode aired, Holly Hager has stayed almost completely away from the public eye.

So how is My 600 Lb Life Holly today? We’ve got a rare update from Holly, including a couple of brand-new, eye-popping pics. If you were a fan of Holly’s first episode, you’re in for a treat.

My 600 Lb Life Holly today: How is she doing in 2021?

Based on these new Holly Hager weight loss photos alone, it looks like Holly is doing great. We know she’s been keeping it tight with her cosmetics hustle throughout the pandemic.

And it’s very likely that she’s still living in Houston. So Holly might also still be working as closely as possible with Dr. Nowzaradan.

That would be good news indeed for fans of Holly’s. The Georgia native won plenty of viewer sympathy after revealing she’d already suffered one failed weight loss surgery years before joining the My 600 Lb Life cast.

Holly also dealt with years of emotional trauma stemming from her first marriage. And when her weight loss journey got off to a slow start — she only lost 47 pounds in her first few months with Dr. Now — it looked like Holly might be in trouble.

But that was right when Holly turned everything around. By her first episode’s end, she was down from a peak weight of 658 pounds to a post-surgery 418.

Holly’s debut weight loss of 240 pounds made her one of Season 7’s most successful cast members.

What does Holly Hager look like now?

Since her 240-pound weight loss, it doesn’t look like Holly has slowed down at all. She’s beaming with happiness in her newest public photo, and appears to be enjoying life:

My 600 Lb Life Holly today April 2021

In fact, Holly shared the photo above just a few hours ago. It looks to have been professionally done — no surprise from a woman who’s a talented and active amateur photographer herself.

And last month, Holly shared another high-quality photo update. The March 2021 pic captures the same happy, grateful smile:

My 600 Lb Life Holly today March 2021

Unfortunately for Holly’s fans, she hasn’t said much about her weight loss journey since our last update.

But Holly’s beauty consultant page with Mary Kay lists her residence as Houston. And that page appears to be updated more often than Holly’s social media profiles.

Maybe that location is an oversight, and Holly never changed it back when she returned from filming her My 600 Lb Life debut. But it seems more likely that Holly *is* still in Houston — something borne out by the last public update offered by Holly’s fiancé Ray.

In either case, we still don’t know whether Holly has been filming for a Where Are They Now? follow-up.

If you need to revisit Holly’s journey or have yet to see it for the first time, you can stream her My 600 Lb Life debut on the show’s official site.

(Photo credits: Facebook, TLC)

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