My 600 Lb Life’s Brianne Dias confirms loss of one twin: ‘Help me pray’

Brianne Dias twins 3

We’ve got an update on the My 600 Lb Life star Brianne Dias twins, and, unfortunately, it’s a sad one. Brianne has confirmed that she lost one of the twins at around the tenth week of pregnancy. But Brianne has also confirmed that the other fetus remains viable, and is overjoyed at the prospect of becoming a mother.

As we reported earlier this month, Brianne is putting a hard year behind her in a big way. Not only is she pregnant — the My 600 Lb Life star is engaged to the man of her dreams! Brianne is planning on both remarrying and becoming a mother in 2022!

Brianne revealed her pregnancy and engagement after a long period of relative social media silence. As Brianne told Starcasm shortly before her Where Are They Now? episode aired, she had taken a restraining order out against her ex-husband Rick and Jamie Moon, the woman with whom Rick had an affair while Brianne was in Texas working with Dr. Now.

Plus, as My 600 Lb Life fans are all too aware, Brianne’s newest episode also revealed one of the darkest moments of her life. In late 2019, after becoming pregnant with what would have been her and Rick’s first child together, Brianne suffered a miscarriage and lost the pregnancy.

But there’s plenty of reason for joy in Brianne’s life today. In addition to losing over 500 pounds from her peak weight, Brianne is celebrating a pair of huge personal milestones, starting with her just-revealed pregnancy!

“Yes there’s twins!!!” Brianne wrote, adding “2 beautiful miracles xoxox.”

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However, that joy — which came at the “7 week and 6 day” mark, was tempered with caution. “Baby B was measuring smaller then baby A,” Brianne explained, “so much so they couldn’t get a heart beat count. The tech that read my results thinks baby B is no longer viable because of that.” (The photo above is the sonogram of Baby B that Brianne shared.)

Brianne’s optimism was undeterred, though. “I saw the baby’s heart flicker,” she said, “telling me there is a heart beat!!!! Praying baby B was just to small to get one. Praying they both grow amazingly and just heal anything that may occur.”

Brianne further asked for her “prayer warriors to come in hot” and help her “beautiful babies…grow and are healthy.”
In a post several days later, Brianne confirmed that “Baby B” was, in fact, no longer viable.

“Baby B didn’t have a heart beat,” she wrote. But that didn’t mean Brianne was no longer overjoyed by the prospect of becoming a mom: “Baby A is so perfect!” she went on. “Heart beat was 172!! I’m thinking girl!”

And here’s the sonogram of Brianne’s Baby A:
Brianne Dias twins 2

While we’re certainly sorry that Brianne lost one of the twins, her happiness is infectious. Congratulations Brianne and Chris, and good luck with the rest of the pregnancy! Hopefully it’s smooth sailing all the way through birth 🙂

(Photo credits: Instagram)

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