Steven Assanti ‘not out of the woods’ following Christmas hospitalization

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The Steven Assanti COVID rumors are true: the controversial My 600 Lb Life star was indeed hospitalized after catching COVID-19 just before Christmas. There had been plenty of gossip about Steven’s allegedly failing health in the waning days of 2021, and Steven himself has just resurfaced to claim that his case was so bad that he was near death.

Steven recently returned to social media after a multi-year hiatus. We’ve heard no shortage of rumors about Steven since his self-imposed hiatus, most notably (and persistently) that his marriage to Stephanie Assanti was on the rocks.

But nothing concrete emerged until two days before this past Christmas. On December 23, Steven’s new Instagram account shared one of the first new photos of him in ages, along with a cryptic caption. “Steven Assanti needs all prayers he can get,” the accompanying text read. “Hes [sic] in the hospital currently with covid/pneumonia.”

I use the word “cryptic” because in all my years of writing about Steven Assanti, I’ve never known him to use the third person. At first, I wondered if the message was just another hoax. (Judging by the number of comments Steven’s post received in various My 600 Lb Life discussion groups on other social media, I was far from the only person wondering it.)

However, just two days later, Steven offered a far more detailed update. On Christmas Day, the most notorious cast member in My 600 Lb Life‘s long history explained that he was, in fact in a bad way thanks to a combination of illnesses. Steven also shared that he had been unvaccinated before catching COVID-19, but would get his first shot upon returning home.

Here’s the first Steven Assanti COVID update in full:

UPDATE – i still have Covid/Pneumonia I’m nearly out of the woods. I was a high flow nasal cannula oxygen for sometime now and I was just switched off it and back to the regular nasal cannula oxygen, now all I’ve got to do is get stronger work with the team of people I’ll have at home soon Quarantine for 14 days and get my first shot so i can hopefully start feeling like myself again – Thank you all for your speedy recovery wishes. Thank you Fans again and again –

Then, after two more days, Steven gave what as of this writing is his latest health update. Although he didn’t go into great detail, Steven claimed that his life had been “about to end” while hospitalized.

Death is very real people.
I was close to it i was one of those people.

you don’t realize just how much precious Life really is when yours is about to end.

You begin to realize the people in your life are there for a purpose and you also feel there love and you do NOT want to lose that. The people in your life now, may it be your real life significant other, EVERYONE you associate with in this life on this planet online or off.

Life is precious, cherish the people in your life and LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

Speaking of love, it’s still unclear whether Steven has taken his own good advice to heart. So far as we know, Justin Assanti remains estranged from his brother, having washed his hands of Steven in the aftermath of their third Where Are They Now? episode (and fourth My 600 Lb Life episode overall). The same appears to be true of Steven’s relationship with his father.

And, while Steven and Stephanie Assanti follow each other on Instagram, neither one posted about the other while Steven was in the hospital. So, no matter what the state of their marriage, both Mr. and Mrs. Assanti are keeping the information especially close to the chest.

(Photo credits: Instagram)

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