YOUTUBE Tati Westbrook shut down her makeup line, does she still sell vitamins?

YouTuber Tati Westbrook has shut down her makeup brand Tati Beauty. Tati starts off the video by explaining that she’s swearing off crying in her videos. “This is a moment of strength, gratitude despite some dark days.” She then explains that she had to wait until things were final to announce that “Tati Beauty is closing its doors” and will no longer be selling products online.

She says she brings this news “with a heavy heart” because she had a lot of dreams and goals for its future, and loved creating the Tati Beauty makeup brand. Tati has loved makeup since way before YouTube, even “when she was in her mom’s stomach,” and creating a makeup brand was always a goal for her.

Now, she looks at the situation from the perspective that she got to achieve that goal, and she’s proud that the launch of her eyeshadow palette was very successful. However, the brand lost its initial grand momentum because of lawsuits and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tati has been involved with massive YouTube scandals in the past few years involving James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Shane Dawson, but she says there is no scandal surrounding why the brand is shutting down aside from “world events” and “outside litigation that had a huge impact.”

Tati and her husband James Westbrook are being sued by their vitamin brand Halo Beauty business partner Clark Swanson, and they have countersued him. Halo Beauty is currently still in operation, and the lawsuits are still ongoing.

Tati wishes that things were different, but she is accepting the close of her beloved brand with a smile and hoping for better days ahead. She plans to continue reviewing makeup and isn’t giving up on launching her own new brands in the future.

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