EXCLUSIVE My 600 Lb Life’s Brianne Dias gets restraining orders against ex-husband Rick, ‘demon woman’ Jamie Moon

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Just hours ago, we wrote about My 600 Lb Life‘s Brianne Dias telling us she feared ‘retribution’ from her ex-husband and his fiancée. Since then, Brianne has confirmed she’s gotten restraining orders against both Rick Dias and Jamie Moon — and Brianne shared details of those orders with Starcasm exclusively.

In the second of our two-part interview with Brianne, the My 600 Lb Life star said she was worried that Jamie, in particular, might “snap” following the reveal of Jamie and Rick’s affair in Brianne’s debut Where Are They Now? episode.

The episode also revealed Brianne’s extraordinary weight loss, even by My 600 Lb Life‘s standards. Though she began her weight loss journey at 787 pounds, Brianne has now lost more than 500 — and skin removal surgery is up next. (Click here for more of our in-depth interview with Brianne.)

But it seems Brianne’s fears have been overshadowing her accomplishment. And the long-standing rumors of Jamie’s past altercations — over the past year, both Brianne and several anonymous sources have claimed Jamie has other restraining orders out against her, has been “kicked out” of at least three churches in the greater Florence area, and once tried to run Brianne off the road while Brianne had a baby in the car with her — appear to have caused Brianne to go for legal assistance.

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Rick Dias and his fiancée Jamie Moon. Photo via Facebook.

Brianne sent us several screenshots of what appear to be restraining orders against both Jamie and Rick. (Though it’s not immediately clear if restraining orders would show up in the public record, it’s worth mentioning that neither report yet appears in Oregon’s court records. And it’s also possible that, due to COVID-related delays, the documents haven’t been recorded electronically yet.)

The first of the two documents, dated February 26, is a “Restraining Order to Prevent Abuse.” Brianne Dias is listed as the Petitioner, and Jamie Moon is the Respondent.

A judge’s initials appear five times on the document. Most notably, the initials acknowledge that the Petitioner (Brianne) has been abused by the Respondent “within the last 180 days,” and that she is “in immediate danger of further abuse.”

After that, the initials order the Respondent “from abusing, intimidating, interfering with, or menacing the Protected Person, or attempting to abuse, intimidate, molest, interfere with or menace the Protected Person.”

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Brianne’s restraining order against Rick is dated two weeks earlier, from February 12th. However, there don’t appear to be any initials in the photos Brianne sent us of that document.

So it’s possible that her restraining order against Rick has yet to be acted upon by a judge.

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But the second restraining order also appears to be a request for an extension of an existing order. This would, of course, mean that a judge already granted Brianne an restraining order against Rick — and did so in approximately February of 2020.

If granted, the extension would be “RENEWED for a period of one year, expiring on” February 26th, 2022.

We’ll update this article if and when we learn more about the current (and, hopefully, not escalating) situation.

(Photo credits: Instagram, Facebook)

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