1000 LB SISTERS Is Tammy Slaton receiving the emergency weight loss help she desperately needs?

Since the pandemic started last year Tammy Slaton of TLC’s 1000-LB Sisters has seen her health issues increase. Earlier in the season, we saw the isolation from lockdown give Tammy incentive to move less and eat more. At one point this year she gained 50 pounds in a month.

Tammy’s sister Amy, her brother-in-law Michael, and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Jerry Sykes, have all functioned as enablers for Tammy’s weight gain. She has gained over 100 pounds since her low weight earlier this year and contracted COVID-19, which developed into pneumonia.

Thankfully Tammy was able to recover pretty well from COVID-19, but even before she got sick with this virus, complications from her weight gain necessitated the use of an oxygen tube. As of the date of this writing, Tammy is still relying on o a nasal oxygen tube, according to her social media.

Discussion among Tammy’s family in this past week’s episode showed them grappling with a grim reality about Tammy’s health. They’re worried that if she doesn’t lose weight rapidly she might not live much longer. The episode concluded with her siblings decided that it would be best for Tammy to go into an inpatient facility in order to save her life.

A personal diary cam from Tammy showed that she’s desperate for help too. She also revealed that her relationship with Jerry Sykes was on a break. She said she did not wish to talk about it because “there’s nothing I can do about it and there’s no point in setting and dwelling on it.”

“I have give it thought and I’ve decided to go into a nursing rehab situation, got on the Internet, and I started searching places,” Tammy says in an emotional clip. “I want to get healthy. I’m tired of being like this. I’m tired of always being stuck at home. I want to get in a vehicle. I want my life back. I hate this. I’m not living. I want to get off the oxygen. I do! I want this, I just need help.”

Unfortunately, Tammy had no yet found a rehab facility that can accommodate her at her current size of 665 lb. According to her Instagram account, she still seems to be at home but is in good spirits. Just two days ago she posted a cute clip showing off her spacebuns.

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