90 DAY FIANCE Paola Mayfield gets bigger breast implants, films new reality show

90 Day Fiance Paola Mayfield new boob job

90 Day Fiance star Paola Mayfield has a whole new look! In addition to shorter, bright orange hair, the reality-star-turned-professional-wrestler recently got new, bigger breast implants.

Paola has been sharing updates throughout her latest plastic surgery procedure on her YouTube channel. Earlier this month, Paola posted a 25-minute video that includes clips before and after the surgery.

Pao reveals it has been more than 10 years since she got her first boob job. “My boobs have always been big,” Pao boasts. “Well, I’ve never been flat. Let’s say it that way.”

She says that when she got her first breast implants they were teardrop-shaped. After Pao gave birth to her son, Axel, she says her breasts “went down” and she wants them “a little bit higher.”

In addition to a little bit higher, Pao also elected to make her breasts a little bit bigger. Her surgeon, Dr. Kamran Azad, reveals in the video that the previous implants were 350 CCs, and her new ones are 560 CCs. That’s an increase of 210 CCs, which roughly equates to just over one bra cup size.

Pao before and after new breast implants

Paola shared a couple images on Instagram on Tuesday. One photo is with Dr. Azad (included at the top of this post), and the other includes before-and-after photos of Paola’s breasts:

Paola shared additional before-and-after pictures in her most recent YouTube video.

Pao’s surgery complications

Paola’s breast implant procedure was supposed to last approximately an hour, but it wound up taking longer than expected.

Dr. Azad reveals in Pao’s video that he ran into an unexpected complication when he discovered that Pao’s previous implants weren’t saline, like she thought. They were actually textured silicon, which was a type of implant that was recalled “because of the very small association with lymphoma — with blood cancer.”

He tells Pao that the textured implants created a lot of scar tissue. “So, I had to do a lot of work here to open up a pocket, and then kind of tighten the pocket later,” he explains.

Paola seems genuinely shocked that she was misled by her previous surgeon into thinking her previous implants were saline.

Paola’s new reality series

In her video documenting her boob job, Pao reveals that she has been filming a reality series!

She teases her next video: “I am going to tell you guys what I’ve been doing: my job, my life, my wrestling, uh, the new reality show I did that I’m very excited to tell you guys. Yes, it’s an amazing reality show, and I want to talk to you a little bit about it, but in the next video.”

What could Pao’s new reality series possibly be? Will she be on 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort with husband Ross Mayfield? Will there be a reality series documenting her professional wrestling career?

In her follow-up video, Paola does talk a little bit about the new reality show project — and suggests it is neither of the guesses above.

Paola points out that she filmed for 90 Day Fiance roughly ten years ago, and she has changed a lot since then. “I hope that with this new show that’s going to air soon on Amazon Freevee, I hope that you guys can see a little bit of a different side.”

The fact that the show will be airing on Amazon Freevee seems to confirm it will not be The Last Resort. She reveals later in the video that she had to take time away from her wrestling to shoot the show, so that seems to eliminate the possibility that it will be about her wrestling.

UPDATE – It was previously announced that Paola Mayfield will be one of the contestants on the Freevee competition reality series The Goat! From the official May 1 press release:

Grab your roses, tiki torches, dancing shoes, passports, wigs, and whisks, and ready your game face, because the search for the “greatest reality show contestant” of all time is on!

Today, Amazon Freevee announced the series greenlight, host, and celebrity cast for a hilarious new reality competition series called The GOAT. The show will feature some of the buzziest names from the last 25 years of reality television, who will take up residence in GOAT Manor, where they will face a series of mental, physical, and social challenges. Fourteen will enter, but only one will win the cash prize and America’s respect as they claim the coveted GOAT title.

Comedian Daniel Tosh (Tosh.0) is confirmed to host the series. The series started production last month in Atlanta.

Amazon Freevee reality series The Goat with Paola Mayfield from 90 Day Fiance

In addition to Paola Mayfield, The Goat will include celebrity competitors Tayshia Adams, Joe Amabile, Kristen Doute, Reza Farahan, CJ Franco, Wendell Holland, Teck Holmes, Justin Johnson/Alyssa Edwards, Da’Vonne Rogers, Joey Sasso, Jason Smith, Lauren Speed-Hamilton, and Jill Zarin.

90 Day Fiance Paola Mayfield wrestler Paola Blaze

Paola Mayfield pro wrestling updates

Paola hasn’t been able to wrestle for a while due to the reality show and an injury. Combine that with her recent breast augmentation surgery and recovery, and she will have taken quite a long hiatus. However, Pao insists her time inside the ring is not over!

“I haven’t been able to do wrestling this year,” Pao admits. “To be honest, I am very disappointed.”

She says she has continued to train so that she will be ready when the time is right. “Definitely I’m not quitting. I love wrestling. You guys have no idea how much I enjoy this business. It makes me feel alive, and I feel like [I’ll be] bringing something different once I step back in the ring again.”

Paola reveals she had a lot of wrestling matches lined up that she had to miss due to her injury, the new reality show filming, and her most recent surgery.

“I missed some opportunities that is making me very disappointed inside. But you know what? Other great things happen, and I just — I can’t complain.”

Paola then drops the bomb that her return to wrestling may include her South American debut! “I’ve been talking with a company in Colombia that is big in wrestling. So, if everything goes well, I will be having my debut in Colombia.”

Paola is thrilled when she reveals that wrestling in Colombia will mean her parents will be able to see her wrestle. “I am so excited for it!” Paola continues. “It’s going to be at the end of this year.”

If you’re interested in getting fully caught up on everything Paola and Russell, I highly recommend you watch the second video in its entirety! Paola talks about living life in a camper, her relationship issues with Russell, and their plans to adopt!

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