MY 600 LB LIFE Brianne Smith Dias engaged to her new beau and pregnant (again!)

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Gossip about My 600 Lb Life star Brianne Smith Dias engaged to a new love has been making the rounds of late. Normally, Brianne is pretty open on social media and engages with her fans on the regular. So it seemed a little odd that she was keeping mum about the rumors.

But Brianne’s silence is now a thing of the past! The reality star is ending a tumultuous chapter in her life and beginning a brand new one of her life with a new man. Plus, Brianne shared some more good news, this time about about her rumored pregnancy!

To whom is Brianne Smith Dias engaged?

As the great Wallace once said, it’s no use prevaricating about the bush — so we’re going to jump right in to the good news about Brianne’s new beau. Brianne recently revealed that she’s known her fiancé “for a long time.” But the two only started dating in 2020, after Brianne split from her ex-husband Rick following his long-term infidelity. (Brianne added that Chris’ spouse had recently “left [him],” as well.)

From there, the pair made quick work of things. After just a few months of dating, Chris proposed to Brianne this past April, right around the time she took out a restraining order against Rick and his now-wife Jamie Moon, the woman with whom he’d been cheating.

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“This man is amazing 🥲,” Brianne wrote, in a post detailing the happy news. “I can’t explain the love I have for him except that I love him with all my heart ♥️….Soon we will pick a wedding date…I’m putting all my pieces back together with the help of this amazing MAN.”

And, in a separate post on her personal account, Brianne went into a bit more detail about how exactly Chris proposed. It seems he popped the question to Brianne while the two were on a fishing date! I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of a fishing proposal, so this was a new one on me.

Here’s Brianne’s second engagement reveal post in full:

Little update…. Back in April this amazing man took me fishing for the 1st time and then he got down on one knee when I came out of the water…. He said he never wanted to loose me wanted to start over with me. Grow with me, wanted to change my name to a better last name!! Also said there will never be a dull moment from here on out. Promised to keep me safe and to make me laugh always…. Before he could even finished I said yes 🙌🏼!!! I love you Christopher!!! Your right can’t wait to change my last name!!! Xoxox love you so much!

Brianne hasn’t shared too much info about Chris beyond those details. It looks like she and her husband-to-be want to keep some things private. But we’re just happy that they’re willing to share their happiness!

Are Brianne and Chris expecting?

As I implied above, the good news doesn’t stop there! A little under a year after sharing the news that she’d suffered a miscarriage, Brianne made a second reveal post. This time, she shared the good news that she was pregnant again — and that, at the time, Brianne was pregnant with twins!

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However, the good news was quickly tempered by a harsh, all-too-common reality. “Chris Riley and I need all the prayers we can get,” Brianne wrote, earlier this summer. “Today I got some results from my last ultrasound Baby B was measuring smaller then baby A so much so they couldn’t get a heart beat count.

“The tech that read my results,” Brianne went on, “thinks baby B is no longer viable because of that…. I saw the baby’s heart flicker telling me there is a heart beat!!!! Praying baby B was just to small to get one. Praying they both grow amazingly and just heal anything that may occur.”

Unfortunately, Brianne has since shared that she lost baby B. (We covered that topic, as well as more baby-related info, in a separate post.) But, Brianne wrote, baby A remains healthy and on track for an early 2022 birthing.

How is Brianne Smith Dias now? Will she do another episode?

For now, Brianne appears to be done with My 600 Lb Life. She very nearly met her overall weight loss goal by the end of filming for her Where Are They Now? follow-up, which aired earlier this year. After nearly three years of filming, Brianne has lost well over 500 pounds, putting her in very exclusive company.

As of this writing, only eight My 600 Lb Life cast members have lost 500 or more pounds in total. Brianne’s extreme weight loss puts her high in the running for most successful My 600 Lb Life cast member of all time.

But Brianne has said on multiple occasions that while she would consider filming a second follow-up, she’s also not seeking out the opportunity.

Though it’s not as if there wouldn’t be any drama. In addition to Brianne’s pregnancy and still-unscheduled nuptials, it looks like she still gets into it on social media from time to time with followers and / or associates of Rick.

Brianne recently shared this post on her IG story, clapping back at an unspecified comment suggesting she was trying to “trap” Chris. Rick’s name doesn’t appear in the post, though the influence of the former couple’s nasty feud hung heavy.

Before we close, here’s that post:

Brianne Smith Dias engaged 5

Congratulations to Brianne and Chris on finding each other! And more congratulations on Brianne’s pregnancy! Hopefully it’s all smooth sailing until you hit the delivery room.

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