What Brazilian soccer player Hulk’s ex-wife thinks of him having a baby with her niece

Two years ago Brazilian soccer player Givanildo V. De Sousa, who goes by the nickname “Hulk,” started dating his ex-wife’s niece just a few months after their divorce. Now 35-year-old Hulk and his 32-year-old former niece-in-law Camila are expecting a child together, who will be both a sibling and cousin to Hulk’s three children with his ex-wife. What does his ex-wife think about all of this?

The couple announced the upcoming birth on Hulk’s Instagram on September 18, 2021. They shared images of them smiling and kissing while holding up a ultrasound picture with the following captain in Portugeuse:

“Hoje com o coração cheio de gratidão a DEUS, venho compartilhar com vocês que pela quarta vez estou sendo abençoado com mais um filho(a)

Meu coração transborda de tanta felicidade e só consigo falar obrigado DEUS🙏

Nós já estamos ansiosos para te receber filho(a) te amamos incondicionalmente❤️

Venha cheio de saúde meu bebê🙏”

A rough English translation:

“Today with a heart full of gratitude to GOD, I come to share with you that for the fourth time I am being blessed with another child

My heart overflows with so much happiness and I can only say thank you GOD🙏

We are already looking forward to receiving you, child, we love you unconditionally❤️

Come full of health my baby🙏”

Called his first marriage an “accident”

Before dating Camila, Hulk was married to her aunt, Iran Angelo de Sousa for 12 years. They have two sons: Ian (13) and Tiago (11) and a daughter, Alice (8.)

Hulk claims that he and Camila never had a relationship when he was still married. He came out with the story himself at the time to avoid someone else exposing their taboo relationship.

“Hulk called the parents and the brother of Camila and told them the truth. It was Hulk himself who made the information public because he had nothing to hide. His position is transparency and he wants to avoid lies and malicious comments,” his spokesperson said at the time.

“I am a man. I was not happy in my marriage. I had countless reasons. … I don’t think I’m an ugly person, and I’m young. Camila is young and extremely beautiful. We ended up getting involved. We were single,” Hulk said in explanation of his decisions.

He dug the knife in deeper, by calling his marriage to Iran an “accident” because she got pregnant less than a month after they started dating. “My marriage didn’t come out of love, out of passion, nothing,” he said. “It was an accident that you got pregnant with Ian. And I took over.”

What Hulk’s ex-wife Iran thinks

“She was a daughter to me,” Iran says about her niece Camila.

She’s also responded to Hulk’s comments about their marriage: “I gave him everything since he came into the world. I sacrificed my dreams so many times to make yours come true. And here I’m not just talking about material goods, because those are easy to give when you have money, but love, affection, attention, respect. Everything.”

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