The heartbreaking reason why TikTok’s Bella Poarch has so many tattoos

23-year-old TikTok phenomenon Bella Poarch has made a name for herself by mostly just nodding her head and changing her facial expressions. Her top video on the social media site is also one of the most viewed and liked TikToks of all time. It’s also one of the most simple.

Although at first glance, Bella’s face choreography to “M to the B” seems boring, it’s oddly addictive and satisfying. Most of her popular vids are like this, but has branched off into singing, comedy, and more heavily edited videos. Still, her whole persona has a cutesy kawaii vibe that leads many to believe she’s younger than she is.

Bella is a Navy vet and her body is covered with tattoos that have an edgier style than what she presents in her TikTok videos. One of them, a red sun with 16 rays, even got her “canceled” a few months ago because it’s offensive to South Koreans. The image is a symbol of Japanese imperialism, but Bella, who was 16-years-old at the time she got it, says she didn’t know that when she chose the tattoo. She had since gotten the controversial ink covered up.

She has a lot more tattoos, including a gorgeous set of wings on her back and shoulders. In most of her Tik Tok video she wears clothes that cover up her tats. On November 11, 2020 Bella revealed the heartbreaking reason why she has so many tattoos, and why they seem to clash with the current “Bella Poarch” brand.

In the explanatory TikTok Bella addresses a comment from a fan: “Why do you have so many tattoos? They don’t fit you.”

“I had a rough childhood. My scars from abuse made me insecure,” Bella replies in the video. “And so I had to cover up my scars with tattoos.”

@bellapoarchReply to @omgtheykilldkenny I had a rough childhood. My scars from abuse made me insecure. And so I had to cover up my scars with tattoos.

♬ This Is Home – Cavetown

Bella revealed more in the comments, explaining why she chose to open up like this, even though it was hard for her.

“I wasn’t comfortable posting this … but if ur having a hard time rn, just know that ur not alone and you’ll make it through this. U r brave & strong,” she wrote.