TLC UNEXPECTED Jenna Ronan gets a boob job, shares video after the surgery

TLC Unexpected Jenna Ronan boob job

TLC Unexpected teen mom Jenna Ronan surprised her social media followers earlier this week when she announced that she was having breast augmentation surgery performed today.

“OK, so I was going to wait until after I got it done to tell you guys, but I’m just going to tell you now,” Jenna excitedly began a TikTok clip posted on Wednesday. “Because my bra came today, and I got my medicine and I’m so excited! I’m getting a boob job on Friday. I’m getting my boobs done in two days and I am so excited!

Jenna showed off her pre-surgery package from Dr. Robert Louton at Blair Plastic Surgery. The package includes Jenna’s new front-clasp bra that she will be wearing for “like a month” after the surgery.

Jenna iterated how excited she was to get breast implants, which is obvious from her rushed, happy tone. “I breastfed for almost two years,” she explained. Jenna also revealed that she only used one breast to feed because the other has a “huge cyst.” She described the breast that she used to feed her son Luca as a “goner.”

Jenna promised that she would update her followers after the procedure, and she followed through on that promise.

Here’s a clip of Jenna showing off her boobs before the implants, and it includes video of Jenna just after having the procedure:


Boob job lmao

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After the montage video, Jenna shared a couple more clips talking about how the surgery went and how she was feeling.

“OK, I just got out of surgery like an hour ago, and now I’m home,” she began the first post-surgery update clip. “It’s honestly not that bad. I’m just sore, and I have a lot of pressure on my chest because my doctor — like, I wanted it under the muscle for, like, a naturaler effect,” Jenna continued. “So that’s where it’s sore, just under the muscle.”

Despite the under-muscle discomfort, Jenna insisted it wasn’t bad. “I don’t plan on taking any pain medication because this is tolerable, and I don’t really want to take medication if I don’t need to.”

Jenna concluded this update by revealing she hasn’t seen her new boobs yet. “But I know I’ll like them!” she asserted.

A couple hours after the first update clip, Jenna returned for another in which she addressed some of the most commonly asked questions she was receiving. The number one question was about Jenna’s son Luca, and who was taking care of him while Jenna recovered. (In case you missed it, Jenna and Aden have split up and they currently aren’t living together.)

“My mommy’s here. She’s downstairs,” Jenna revealed. She added that her mom is planning to stay and help with Luca until Jenna has recovered.

The second question Jenna tackled was in regards to whether or not she could breastfeed again if she decided to have another child. “There’s a high likelihood that I would be able to breastfeed after implants. But, I mean, I’m not really worried about that right now because I’m 19 — I’m not having another child until I’m, like, late, late 20s or early 30s.”

Jenna stated that there was no way she was “going to wait and have granny boobies for ten years for the hypothetical children that I’m not even thinking about or have.”

After tackling the breastfeeding question, Jenna shared an extremely positive review of her experience with Blair Plastic Surgery and Dr. Robert Louton. She even provided a timeline of her day, which included arriving at 7:30AM, having the surgery at 9:00AM, and leaving to return home at 10:30AM.

If you’re curious what size breast implants Jenna got, she answered that as well. “I did get two different implant sizes,” she said, before explaining that one is 300CC and the other is 325cc.

“As you guys know, I only breastfed on one boob, so this one was like a triple-B for like two years, and this one was a liiittle A-cup.” [“Implants are measured in cubic centimeters (cc) and for every 150-200 ccs, you can expect to go up one or one and a half cup sizes.”]

Jenna concluded the clip expressing zero doubts about her decision. “I’m beyond happy. I don’t regret it. I would do it a million times over again. So, if you want a boob job, freakin’ get a boob job!”

In addition to the videos, Jenna also replied to comments. She clarified that the scar on her upper chest is one she has had for seven years. She also said that the style of breast implants she chose was gummy bear tear drops.

Congratulations to Jenna! No matter what opinions others might have, it is OBVIOUS that she is VERY happy with her decision! And it’s great to see that the procedure went off without any problems! We wish her a speedy and painless recovery.

To keep up with Jenna’s BBB and liiittle A while they last, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Unexpected airing Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC. Jenna hasn’t been featured a lot so far this season, but her comments online suggest that she will be back in heavy rotation for the remaining episodes.

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