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It’s been a couple of years since we’ve gotten an official update from My 600 Lb Life‘s Maja Radanovic. But her first Where Are They Now? episode is set to air, and Maja’s returned to the public eye in astonishing fashion over the last few weeks.

So, in anticipation of her follow-up, we’ve got a big My 600 Lb Life Maja 2021 update for you. It looks like Maja is fast becoming one of My 600 Lb Life‘s more feel-good success stories, right in line with fellow castmates Carrie Johnson and Melissa Marescot.

My 600 Lb Life Maja 2021: How is she today?

Viewers disappointed by how Maja’s first My 600 Lb Life episode are in for a treat. Maja appears to be in a much, much healthier place than when her first episode ended.

At the time, Maja’s weight loss story got a mixed reaction from fans. She began her episode at 689 pounds, and, over the course of her first year, lost just shy of 100 pounds.

At the time, Maja didn’t qualify for weight loss surgery. But she sounded optimistic about her ability to continue losing weight.

And for over a year after that episode aired, Maja maintained an active Facebook fan page. It was through her interactions with viewers there that we first learned we’d get the second part of her story in Where Are They Now? form.

Last year, though, Maja became the third My 600 Lb Life cast member to sue production company Megalomedia for gross negligence and fraud. Because of her lawsuit, it looked like any follow-up footage of Maja would be shelved indefinitely.

However, that speculation turned out to be baseless. And, based on the photo at the top of the article — which Maja shared just hours ago — speculation that her weight loss had stalled out looks unfounded, too.

How tall is Maja Radanovic?

Though it remains a popular search, we’ve answered this question before. Maja appears to be six feet tall.

She’s actually one of two six-foot women to be a part of the My 600 Lb Life Season 7 cast; Brianne Smith Dias is the other.

And nowhere were Maja’s height and personal growth more evident than in an early 2021 update. A few weeks after the new year began, Maja reached out to fans with a heartfelt message of hope regarding her own journey.

Maja actually shared two new, full-body shots with the update. (She’s one of several cast members to throw Megalomedia’s social media guidelines to the wind and share full-body images before update episodes.

We’ll start with the first of the two photos, followed by Maja’s extended caption.

My 600 Lb Life Maja 2021 6

Am I where I want to be? No.. I am not.. am I better than where I was? Yes I am.

One thing I don’t stop is Trying again and again.

I fail so many times, I continue to fail…fail for days on end, week after week, month after month. But I don’t stop trying, I keep milling it over and over I’m my head, The constant battle between myself and food, the constant thought that I cannot give up.

My point is..that I am not giving up, I haven’t yet given up all hope. I keep it in my thoughts. And now it’s time again to keep pushing forward. I have to.

And here’s the second of the two photos Maja offered with her early 2021 weight loss update:

My 600 Lb Life Maja 2021 7

Maja Radanovic’s second My 600 Lb Life episode debuts tonight at 8 PM. Her first episode is available for streaming through TLC.

(Photo credits: Instagram)

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