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Jenelle attacks Kail over clickbait articles, including claims that David had a gun at Jace’s soccer practice

The bitter feud between Teen Mom 2 co-stars Jenelle Eason and Kail Lowry has been reignited, and it is once again over clickbait articles being shared on social media. The latest tiff between the two comes after Kail posted a series of articles about Jenelle and her husband David Eason with sensational titles like "Jenelle Evans' husband David Appears To Bring Gun To Stepson Jace's Soccer Game" and "Nathan Griffith's Friend OWNS David Eason on Twitter: I Banged Jenelle, Bruh!"

RHONJ Are Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice best friends now?

When Real Housewives of New Jersey debuted in 2009, the feud between Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice launched the show. Their shade and bickering reached a peak with the infamous dinner at which Teresa Giudice got so mad at Danielle she flipped a table. It became an iconic moment for both Teresa and the entire franchise. Teresa and Daniele maintained bad blood for a while, but now it looks like they’ve put their differences aside -- and are practically BFFs.

Eminem says Machine Gun Kelly feud is about something ‘a lot more petty’ than MGK’s tweet about his daughter

Eminem went on full attack at the rap community with his surprise album <em>Kamikaze</em>. It's like he was itching for a fight with somebody and threw out a bunch of lures to see who would bite. Machine Gun Kelly bit back pretty hard and their feud gave life to social media and headlines until Cardi B and Nicki Minaj stepped up the vendetta game with an iconic shoe-throwing incident and subsequent social media shade.

VIDEO PHOTOS Kail Lowry violently grabbed from behind by Brittany DeJesus during Teen Mom 2 Reunion taping, cast reacts

See video and photos of the shocking  moment in which Brittany DeJesus grabbed Kail's hair from behind and violently yanked her back during the Teen Mom 2 Reunion "Unseen Moments" brawl. Plus, get reactions to the episode from Kail, Briana, Chelsea, Leah, and Dr. Randy Houska!

TEEN MOM FEUD Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones fight over Javi, Kail says ???

Former Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus has already hopped franchises to Teen Mom 2, but now she's branching out her drama web to MTV's newest installment in the franchise as she gets into a bitter Twitter battle with Ashley Jones from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant -- and of course it all has to do with that other franchise hopper, Javi Marroquin.