Levi Johnston

Bristol Palin: Levi Johnston unsuitable for 50/50 custody of Tripp

Bristol Palin has recently filed legal docs in the ongoing feud between herself and the father of her son Tripp, Levi Johnston. According to the papers, Levi ain’t doing so hot as a dad… Read Bristol’s allegations that go as far as to claim that Johnston’s such a deadbeat that he’s literally guilty of a felony according to the laws of Alaska.

Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby name their daughter Breeze Beretta

Levi Johnston in officially a father of two. His girlfriend Sunny Oglesby, 20, welcomed a baby girl, Breeze Beretta Johnston, into the world earlier today. Johnston, 22, is also daddy to three-year-old Tripp Palin with his ex-fiance, Bristol Palin. At the time of his first child’s birth, he was a teen, as was Bristol and although having a child at a young age may encourage some to wait longer for baby #2, Johnston had other plans.

Levi Johnston seeking full custody of son after viewing Bristol Palin’s show

It looks like The Wasilla-Lady-Killa, Levi Johnston, is one of the few people who has actually been watching Bristol Palin’s train wreck of a show, “Life’s a Tripp.” The one stand out thing that has transpired during the show has been the often unruly behavior of the young boy for whom the show gains its title, Tripp Palin. Having seen enough of the misbehavin’, Levi Johnston has decided to make yet another publicity grab seek sole custody of his son. Read on for Levi’s statements.

Report: Levi Johnston flat broke, living with mom

The Thrilla from Wasilla, the most infamous baby-daddy from our 49th state, Mr. Levi Johnston is penniless and living with his moms if you’re to believe the latest reports from Us Weekly. Find out how the expecting father for the 2nd time allegedly lost all his money and how far behind he supposedly is on child support for Tripp Palin.

Levi Johnston’s baby girl shall be named…

Levi Johnston, the great populator of Wasilla, Alaska, and second baby-momma Sunny Oglesby have settled on a name for their unborn daughter. It’s a unique one for sure and I’ve actually done a little image to give you a chance to guess before the name is revealed. We’ve also got a video interview in which Sunny defends her baby-daddy man. Oh, and if you think Levi is a deadbeat dad he’s got some choice words for you.

Levi Johnston’s 18-year-old sister Mercede will appear nude in Playboy

It’s time once again for more tails, I mean tales, from the nude Johnston’s of Wasilla, Alaska. As if being subjected to Levi’s behind in Playgirl wasn’t enough now his 18-year-old sister Mercede has went and posed for a four page spread to appear in the September issue of Playboy. See a big ol’ picture of “Mercedes without the s” (with clothes on), find out about when you can see her nekkid’ and read her blistering blog comments about Bristol Palin’s, “Levi stole my virginity” claims.