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VIDEO Charlie Sheen is seeking alternative HIV treatment from an unlicensed doctor in Mexico

The latest Charlie Sheen update brings a mix of good and strange news about the star, whose HIV disclosure last fall continues to reverberate throughout the entertainment world. Sheen recently appeared in a two-part interview on Dr. Oz, during which he revealed some interesting developments in his approach to treatment for his disease.

Charlie Sheen’s HIV diagnosis has the porn industry in a panic

The "Charlie Sheen porn stars" debacle is reaching critical mass. The porn industry is in a panic in the wake of Sheen's HIV revelation, with many current and former stars both berating the Two And A Half Men and Anger Management actor for not coming clean with them–and wondering whether they might have exposed themselves to the disease by dating him.

Charlie Sheen reaction: Exes speak out about star’s HIV diagnosis

Yesterday, Charlie Sheen ended weeks of speculation by going on the Today show and announcing that he is HIV positive. The news sparked a flurry of reactions from Sheen's many exes, not all of whom knew that he had been keeping his diagnosis a secret. Former porn star Bree Olson was the first to open up about her anxieties; since then, many more women have commented, both positively and negatively.

Charlie Sheen to announce he is HIV positive in Today interview with Matt Lauer REPORT

Early this month it was revealed in a bit of blind item gossip that an A-List Hollywood actor is secretly battling HIV after being diagnosed two years ago. Earlier today, The National Enquirer unveiled a new cover story claiming that the A-List actor is Charlie Sheen with the bold headline, "CHARLIE SHEEN AIDS COVER UP." The National Enquirer's claims appear to be backed up by an announcement by NBC moments ago that Charlie Sheen will be talking to Matt Lauer "in a live revealing interview tomorrow on Today."