Omarosa’s mom punches Claudia Jordan on BET Awards red carpet?

2013 BET Awards red carpet Claudia Jordan2013 BET Awards red carpet Omarosa Manigault

Normally the red carpet is a feud-free zone where celebrities put aside their differences in deference to decorum — or else the feuding parties make sure to just give each other a wide berth. Apparently neither of those were the case tonight on the BET Awards red carpet where Celebrity Apprentice nemeses Omarosa Manigault and Claudia Jordan got into it with Omarosa’s 65-year-old mother (aka Momarosa — real name Theresa Manigault) reportedly punching Claudia on the arm after a verbal altercation, forcing event personnel to summon security and police reports to be filed!

Thanks to the beauty of social media, fans got to follow along via Twitter, with Claudia being the first to address the altercation.

That sparked a fan to inquire, “What happened,” which in turn sparked this interaction between Claudia and her followers:

Claudia Jordan tweets about being punched by Omarosa's mom on the red carpet at the 2013 BET Awards

And then this:

Meanwhile, Omarosa was denying the claims.

A source for TMZ says “Claudia and Omarosa got into a heated verbal exchange — after Omarosa allegedly called Claudia a ‘stupid b***h.'” The site goes on to say “the verbal blows didn’t stop … so we’re told when Omarosa’s mom overheard it … she walked by and punched Claudia in the arm. We’re told event security then rushed in to break the women up and prevented the incident from escalating further.”

Meanwhile, TMZ received a statement from Omarosa (while at the event?!?) and her side of the story is that “Claudia started it by pushing her 65-year-old mother. And Omarosa says her mom filed her own police report for assault against Claudia. She says, ‘I am deeply saddened by Claudia Jordan actions at the BET Awards. After all that my family and I been through this year. She should show at least an ounce of decency and respect.'”

A source for Radar Online seems to back up Omarosa’s side of the story, saying “Claudia shoved Omarosa’s mother.” The source then adds that “Omarosa didn’t even see anything happen because she was on the CNN platform giving an interview. But security grabbed Claudia and made her leave the carpet.”

Radar appears to have received the same statement as TMZ from Omarosa, but their version has the additional line, “I am not surprised with all of Claudia’s financial problems — her bankruptcy — that she is looking for an opportunity for a pay day.”

So far there hasn’t been any video of the altercation to surface online, but that just has to be a matter of time, right? Stay tuned!

UPDATE – It’s not a video of the actual altercation, but here’s a clip of a red carpet interview with Claudia Jordan immediately after the altercation in which she reveals that she told Omarosa “she should probably get out of Michael’s house. She’s squatting in it,” in addition to more shade.

UPDATE – It seems Omarosa got a little lonely up on the high road and decided to doa bit of Twitter smack talk herself!

Oh snap!