Jon Gosselin slams Kate Gosselin: You can’t breathe the wrong way without upsetting her

Jon Gosselin - Wendy Williams - InTouch

One week after Kate Gosselin and 13-year-old twins Mady and Cara Gosselin spoke to People about their “better than ever” lives, dad Jon Gosselin’s speaking out — and offering a way less idyllic image.

“They live in such an isolated house,” Jon told InTouch of Kate’s residence. “When they’re with me, I let them out into society. I don’t close the gate and make them live in a compound like Kate does.”

The dad of eight added his children “have trouble adjusting to their peers” because Kate bars them from having independence.

Kate Gosselin - Jon Gosselin Feud

“You can’t breathe the wrong way without upsetting her. The kids have to ask before they get a drink, before they get a snack, before they open the fridge, before they go to the bathroom. It’s ridiculous,” Jon said of Kate’s house rules, contradicting his previous statement that he doesn’t know what goes on inside her home. “They are well-mannered, and that is great, but when we go into an environment with other children, they cling to me.”

During his visits with the children — which he gets one day per week and every other weekend — Jon said he tries to instill senses of humanity in his kids.

“I’m trying to teach them respect and love for other people,” he said. “They need to look inside other peoples’ hearts. By isolating them, they’ll never learn.”

Jon, who is set to make his Couples Therapy debut with girlfriend Liz Jannetta on Thursday, also spoke to Wendy Williams about his plans for the future.

Couples Therapy Jon Gosselin and girlfriend Liz Janetta

“I like the thought of marriage,” Jon said during a Tuesday interview for The Wendy Williams Show. “Being committed to each other and vowing to be together and when you see cute old couples walking through Central Park, it’s like, ‘I want that.'”

Even though Jon hopes to establish a new family with Liz, neither he nor mother-of-three Liz can more children: “I’m fixed and Liz is fixed.”

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