Plot twist! Brooke Mueller accuses Denise Richards of child abuse, calls cops

Denise Richards - Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller just dropped a nuclear bomb on ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s camp by accusing Denise Richards of child abuse.

According to TMZ, cops showed up at Denise’s house on Tuesday night after Brooke claimed Denise was violent with her twin sons as well as her own daughters. During Tuesday’s incident, Denise refused to allow cops into her home because her three daughters were inside.

Speaking with the cops outside of the home, Denise defended herself against the (truly outrageous) claims, saying Brooke was acting vindictively. She added the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services is already addressing the dispute between Charlie and Brooke. Apparently the explanation was satisfactory for law enforcement.

At this point, Brooke’s claims seem absolutely ridiculous for a few reasons. First of all, she felt comfortable enough allowing her twin sons to stay in Denise’s care for a year. Denise also said Brooke doesn’t know anything about her relationship with her daughters and is — therefore — in no position to claim she abuses them. Plus, Denise adopted her third daughter, which would have required approval from a qualified family specialist. (Any signs of abuse would have stopped that process in its tracks.)

Charlie, the guy central to this all, hasn’t reacted to this development yet. (Although that’s sure to come.) However, he did complain about the Dept. of Children and Family Services in a later-deleted Twitter rant this week.

“Disengaging Charlie Feels Safe / Deny Completely Forensic Stats,” he said in an acrostic poem using the DCFS’ acronym.

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