Jenelle Evans uploads videos she says show Courtland Rogers doing heroin, he says he staged them to make money

Jenelle Evans Courtland Rogers Twitter feud over alleged heroin videos

The bitter feud between estranged spouses Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers continues as Jenelle uploaded a series of videos to Youtube today which she describes as featuring Courtland “lining up some heroin on a CD case” and talking about “buying/selling pills and heroin bags.” But, as is the case more often than not with Jenelle feud posts, there’s more than one side to the story as Courtland is reportedly claiming the videos were fake and were made to sell to the media for money. (Which wouldn’t be the first time he’s played that card.)

I’ll lead off with the videos and their descriptions from Youtube, then I will try to piece together a context from Twitter:


“Courtland is scraping up a line on a CD case in Taylor’s car. He was using last week before they broke up. The drug he’s doing is infact heroin. In the video he offers Taylor some heroin and says he was trying to be ‘polite’.”


“In this video Courtland is discussing about buying/selling pills and heroin bags. You have to listen really closely to hear it good.”


“Courtland discusses with Taylor in this video that he doesn’t trust her and that she is going to tell me everything. Taylor then begs for him to be on suboxone at least and he said ‘Well I’m going to do one more bag tomorrow.'”


“Courtland in this video is one again lining up some heroin on a CD case in Taylor’s car. This video is really quick but if you look at the left side of the screen you will see him using a card of some sort to scrap up the drugs into a line.”

And here are some tweets from Jenelle and Courtland (and others) talking about the videos:

@headsrolloffs: haha your trying to sell old videos of CR?! get over him already! you act like you’ve moved on, but you keep going back!

JENELLE: wtf is everyone talking about, Taylor is trying to sell them and I heard that through the grapevine.

JENELLE: I don’t need the tabloids money, I’ve got money of my own.

@mamajo76: I thought you heard it from Taylor when she gave you part of the video?

@mamajo76: no video out yet! Per court him n Tay made a video of him doing fake drugs to make $ 4 Jaja

@ThatgirlTiff225: I haven’t been on Twitter for almost a week and it seems as though I missed some good drama What is going on with CR, TL & a vid

‏@ItsMePep_: they supposedly faked a video of him doing drugs to make $$

JENELLE: then I don’t understand why he is texting people FREAKKKKIN out

[@ItsMePep_ then posted a series of screen caps of an alleged text message conversation with Courtland in which he explains the videos]

Courtland Rogers texts about drug videos posted by Jenelle Evans
Courtland Rogers text messages about alleged heroin videos posted by Jenelle Evans on Youtube

JENELLE: I kno for a fact Taylor only smokes that’s IT.

JENELLE: so I’m guessing discussing bags of heroin and selling pills was part of the “setup” , mmmm.. He didn’t mention that to u on fb

@shefsophia: who cares nobody is going to pay for video of Taylor or Courtland how are they relevant

JENELLE: becuz he claims to go to NA Meetings and being sober when he is lying to everyone

JENELLE: I am doing this to protect other young innocent girls in the future, hopefully they will see the truth.

JENELLE: Come clean about it or I’ll make u look like sh!t, one last warning. U r a disgrace to humanity and use innocent young girls. Wtf dude?

JENELLE: I kno I’m sober and to be recovering from heroin is a huge accomplishment IF YOU R SOBER. So it makes me furious.

JENELLE: Deed is done. Gave u a fair chance. Bye Twitter!

JENELLE: I mean sorry for the rant, but I needed to prove a point.

COURTLAND [last night] I am and have been sober for 5 and a half months now lol who cares what JE lies about or what anyone says there’s way more to the story smh I haven’t touched a drug in 165 days …. And I pass my drug test which are given randomly but I don’t have to explain myself to anyone !!! So thank u for the ones that still believe in me…. There’s more to that “video” story than anyone knows about soooooo quit hating on me !! And for the ones that doubt me…. How would I not b in jail of I was getting high smh probation in NC doesn’t play that sh!t ask about it.

I love being sober and I love having my family back that means more 2 me than anything in the world I would NEVER go back the way I feel now. And like I said I don’t have to prove that to anyone but myself it’s what I do when nobody’s looking that counts and I know I’m good!! Ok I’m getting off twitter lol some of u have NO LIFE and get off on living other people’s smh.. Who cares what haters say? Not me !! BYE For all of u who believe in me !!! Like I promised before I will promise again .. I will not let y’all down cause I won’t let myself down !!

COURTLAND [moments ago] I never relapsed those videos were a set -up to get money but Taylor fuxked up and let jenelle see em so she could get her iPhone 5 back smh I never used any drugs and I AM still sober ….so just because y’all see those videos do u see me using in them??? No u don’t smdh I don’t care what anyone says I learned my lesson trusting Taylor n jenelle is just a disgrace to society. Im sober and have been 5 months

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