Colin Wilkinson lashes out at sister Kendra Wilkinson, says she’s an ‘inconsiderate b*tch’

Kendra Wilkinson - Collin Wilkinson Feud

Looks like Colin Wilkinson isn’t a contender for godfather when Kendra Wilkinson has her new baby! After news broke that Kendra and Hank Baskett are expecting their second child, Colin took to social media with a series of vituperative messages for his older sister.

“Every1 plz never ask me about my sister again. She is no longer a part of my life. She’s an inconsiderate psychotic b*tch. I’m done,” he wrote on Twitter. (Bizarrely, the bio still proudly describes her as his sister.)

On his private Facebook page, Colin reportedly continued to rant against his estranged sister and alleged Kendra threatened their mother, Patricia Wilkinson.

“That’s f**king it. I’ve f**king had it. Everyone wanna know the truth,” Colin said, according to Radar Online. “My sister can go straight to f**king hell. She’s an inconsiderate b*tch. How dare her tell my mom to go die.”

Although Kendra had televised tiffs with her family, they were always able to patch things up. Colin even walked Kendra down the aisle during her 2009 wedding to Hank.

Colin Wilkinson and Kendra Wilkinson Down Aisle

Now it sounds like the brother-sister relationship has deteriorated beyond repair.

“My sister is the most selfish human being on the planet,” he said on Facebook. “She is no longer apart of my life. She has never once helped my family. So plz stop asking me about her. As I have nothing to say.”

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