Teen Moms Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans feud over tabloid story

Amber Portwood - Jenelle Evans

Amber Portwood was in prison for more than a year, so it’s understandable if she missed this memo: Jenelle Evans will almost certainly respond to any perceived insult by firing back on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Teen Mom‘s Amber offered some advice to the second generation star during an interview with InTouch.

“[Jenelle] went down the exact same path I did: unplanned pregnancy, addiction and bad relationships, having custody taken away,” Amber said. “But it’s never too late for Jenelle to turn her life around.”

Amber, who spoke to another tabloid this week about her opinion of Farrah Abraham, added she doesn’t agree with Jenelle’s decision to have another baby.

“It’s irresponsible and immature. You have one child you need to think about before you have another,” Amber said, adding getting clean isn’t easy. “It’s not like you can wake up one day and be like, ‘Hey, I’m clean.'”

Amber also implied Jenelle’s lawyers haven’t done her any real favors by helping her evade prison. Instead, Amber thinks prison could “change her life for the better.” She added she’s just speaking out of concern for the younger MTV star.

“Jenelle hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. But if her rock bottom is lower than mine, that makes me scared for her.”

Reading the comments as mean-spirited, Jenelle fired back on Twitter.



This isn’t the first time Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans went after each other: Back in 2011, Amber said she “despises” what Jenelle stands for.

“She’s an idiot and I don’t care if people know or not,” Amber said.

Jenelle reportedly tweeted and deleted a response to Amber, saying, “I despise the way your tattoo looks, the pills you pop, and the men you abuse.”

Although both women seem to harbor some resentment, that incident blew over rather quickly… Let’s see if the same happens this time.

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